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May 13, 2020

May 13, 2020
These are unprecedented times and everything is very different. 
During this time, the Canada Snowboard High-Performance staff have been assessing the global pandemics impact on event cancellations, and subsequently, how this impacts our athlete’s ability to meet the performance standards in the published selection criteria for the upcoming 2020-21 National & NextGen Team Selections.  
Every discipline is different – each has its own distinctive event schedules, performance standards and published protocols. As such, there is no blanket solution that addresses each unique set of circumstances and challenges.
Recognizing this, and taking into consideration advice from Sport Lawyers, an athlete council representative, the Canada Snowboard Executive Director and each discipline/ Team technical leads (ie: coaches and staff) – Canada Snowboard is implementing the following changes to the published 2020-21 Team Selection Protocols to address the reduction in competition opportunities this season faced by these disciplines specifically.  
Eligibility Change:
Due to the cancellation of the Freestyle Air Nation National events we have removed it as part of a requirement for the NextGen Team Eligibility. Instead, we included all athletes who met the remaining eligibility requirements to submit their NextGen applications for selection to the teams.
Change #1
Reducing the number of Top 16 finishes required at a World Cup level event or high from three (3) to two (2). 
Meaning, two (2) Top 16 final result finishes at a World Cup level event or higher will now be eligible for potential selection to the National Team ‘Base Tier’.  
Change #2
The standard of finishing within the Top 32M/16L in the 2020 Final World Cup Standings shall remain. 
Taking into consideration that World Cup Finals in Veysonnaz, SUI was not canceled and did in fact run with a final result achieved and World Cup points awarded, the Canada Snowboard executive staff made the decision – based on recommendations for medical experts – to pull our team out of Switzerland and return to Canada a day before the final race was hosted. 
As such, we will be using the 2020 World Cup Standings prior to World Cup Finals in Veysonnaz, SUI to determine which athletes fall into the Top 32M/16L in the 2020 Final World Cup Standings. The ranking list that will be used will be the rankings generated after the conclusion of the Sierra Nevada, ESP World Cup, which can be referenced HERE FOR WOMEN and HERE FOR MEN
These changes directly impact the National Team ‘Base Tier’ as described in Section 16of the selection protocol, which can be referenced HERE
The proposed changes to the Snowboardcross Team Selection Protocol could have an impact on the 20/21 Athlete Assistance Program carding allocation. As explained below, this does not mean that any athlete is guaranteed to be carded for the upcoming 20/21 carding cycle – they must meet eligibility for the program and have an eligible result to meet the published performance standard in order to be ranked and considered for AAP. This general process does not change. 
While each discipline is unique, they are interconnected in many ways. One of the tangible ways disciplines are interconnected is through the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP). Unfortunately, Canada Snowboard does not receive enough ‘cards’ annually to card each member of our teams and this year will be no exception. 
While we believe we have developed a comprehensive approach over the years to rank athletes from other disciplines together in an equitable manner – this also means that each discipline, to an extent, is impacted by changes in selection protocols and criteria of another discipline. While these changes evolve often, typically in the fall when new protocols are published, this circumstance is no different. 
The 20/21 Athlete Assistance Program Nomination protocol can be referenced HERE
Please note: Paralympic disciplines are funded separately from Olympic Disciplines– so this change does not directly impact the carding allocation for para-snowboard. 
Canada Snowboard has thought carefully about these changes and their impact and decisions are in the best interest of the vast majority of our athletes, teams, community, and certainly on our future performance potential. 
“Yes, these are unprecedented times, and Canada Snowboard is adapting. At this time if we look at other National Sport Organizations, be aware that some do not have the funds to keep full National Teams. Canada Snowboard is and has been listening to the athletes as we face some of the biggest challenges. We look forward to collectively adapting, while staying focused, positive and look forward to a great season.” 
Mercedes Nicoll 
Canada Snowboard Athlete Council Chair 
In closing, we feel we must reiterate that a nomination to the 20/21 National Team or NextGen Program/Team does notguarantee you an Athlete Assistance Program ‘card’ for the upcoming 20/21 season regardless of your competitive snowboard discipline. You must achieve a result from an eligible competition and meet all eligibility requirements as outlined in the published protocol in order to be ranked, by the priority in which you met the criteria, in order to be considered for nomination to the Athlete Assistance Program for the upcoming carding cycle. Nomination to the 20/21 National/NextGen Team/Program merely satisfies one (1) of the six (6) eligibility requirements. 
At this time, there is no additionally identified alterations to selection criteria in any other disciplines.
For more information, please contact the High-Performance Manager of your respective discipline: 

Speed Performance Manager 
Kim Krahulec

Freestyle Performance Manager
Tyler Ashbee

Jean-François Rapatel
Sport & High Performance Director                             

Dustin Heise
Executive Director