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A celebration of snowboarding’s roots.

Banked Slalom Tour

About Banked Slalom

Banked Slalom is a celebration of snowboarding’s roots. It is also a pure expression of the culture’s playful spirit of competition.

Stretching back to the 1980s, early banked slalom events tested the limits of both riders and their nascent equipment, as racers snaked their way down the hill, around the gates, and across the finish line - to the applause of dozens of spectators - in the hopes of being named the champion. If they were lucky, the winner’s achievement could even be recognized with the presentation of a trophy made from duct tape.   

Memorable performances by some of our sport’s legendary figures including champions like Tom Sims, Shaun Palmer, Craig Kelly, Ross Rebagliati, Terje Hakonsen and Maelle Ricker all helped to ensure that banked slalom events have become some of the most anticipated dates on any snowboard calendar.

“The great thing about the banked slalom is that it is a little bit unique compared to any other snowboard contest,” said Ricker. “It really unites all sides of snowboarding. It’s tons of fun and a great way to see all your friends."


2018 Banked Slalom Tour

Canada Snowboard and the WSF Banked Slalom Tour are proud to support the banked slalom events listed below.

Banked slalom events are open to all riders, of any age, skill level or ability, including Para snowboard athletes. Banked slalom is considered an important element of Stage 8 of our Long Term Athlete Development model. This stage focuses on riders being active for life and embracing leadership roles as knowledgeable members of our community.

For a full list of Banked Slalom events, please visit the Provincial/Territorial association websites. 

Note: participants must agree to organizers’ registration requirements


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Banked slalom - a gathering of the snowboard community

13th Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom at Big White Ski Resort

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