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Introducing the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP)

The CSCP, in partnership with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) oversees the development and delivery of educational resources for Canadian snowboard coaches. The Program also ensures that individuals are able to enter and progress along the snowboard coaching pathway.


Snowboard Instructors and Snowboard Coaches:
How are these roles different?

Snowboard Instructors

Resorts and hills across Canada operate snow-schools, where learners get their initial on-snow lessons and experience. These lessons are led by Instructors.

Instructors work with Stage 1-2 athletes, who are learning fundamental movements and how to control a snowboard. In order to become a qualified instructor, candidates complete the Level 1 Course through the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI).

If delivering snow-school lessons at your local resort sounds like the right fit for you, visit www.casi-acms.com to get started.

Snowboard Coaches

Snowboard Clubs, Provincial / Territorial Teams and our National Team rely on the expertise of Coaches to help snowboarders learn new skills, compete at the highest level, and reach their athletic potential.

Coaches work with Stage 3-7 athletes on snowboard-specific skills, training for success in competitive snowboard disciplines, and developing the experience and confidence needed to win at progressively higher levels.

To become a trained and licensed coach, you will begin by taking an introductory coaching course. This course is delivered in partnership between the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program and the National Coaching Certification Program. The course is then followed by a short checklist of action items to complete.

If mentoring and developing snowboard athletes sounds like the right fit for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Better Riders Through Better Coaches

At Canada Snowboard, we’re on a mission to develop the next generation of great coaches. You can learn how to become one of those great snowboard coaches by clicking here.

We equally want to ensure that our current coaches get the support and training they need in order to prepare athletes for continued success on the international stage. To learn more about increasing your coaching knowledge, skills, credentials and professional development opportunities, click here.


The Snowboard Coaching Pathway

New coaches begin their journey by completing the Competition Introduction Training, Licensing and Certification.  Once those credentials are achieved, they can begin to work with stage 3 athletes at the club and regional level. In order to learn more about taking the first step towards becoming a snowboard coach, click here.

Coaches can then move up to working with stage 4 athletes at the provincial series level, once they have obtained their Competition Introduction Advanced Training, Licensing and Certification.

Additional professional development opportunities are offered to coaches on these pathways through webinars and online modules.

When deemed ready, coaches can join the next level of the pathway by obtaining their Competition Development / Advanced Training, Licensing and Certification.

The final step of the coaching pathway is Competition High Performance Training, Licensing and Diploma, followed by ongoing professional development.



Courses and Professional Development

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