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1. I have been coaching in Timbuktu and have lots of snowboard coaching experience and other education but I’ve never taken a CSCP course.  Can I challenge for my certification?
Yes, there is always the option to move direct to evaluation.  Please refer to the CSCP Operations Manual (located on the Program Policies page) and review the ‘Direct to Evaluation’ guidelines.  There is a large cost to using this option since evaluation requires a high personnel and time demand and the cost is normally subsidized by the course fees.

2. How do I become a ‘licensed coach’?
You must be a licensed coach to have insurance to coach in Canada.  A licensed coach has attended some snowboard coach training and has a current criminal record check on file with Canada~Snowboard.

There are two steps to get your license. 

  1. Purchase your license. 
  2. Submit a Criminal Record Check (CRC) or have one on file with us that’s less than 3 years old.

Canada Snowboard then reviews your certification status & CRC and once the license is approved, it appears in a list on the website

3. Why am I not listed online under the licensed coaches when I already purchased my license?
Licenses require a manual check of certification and CRC so the list is not updated instantly.  Please leave two weeks for your license to become active once you’ve purchased it. 

If it’s been more than two weeks, it’s likely we do not have your CRC on file or no record of course attendance. 

4. What's the minimum age to take a course?
16 years old.

5. I took my coaching course with CASI in the 90’s, can I still register as a coach?
Yes & no!  If you’ve been actively coaching since and have maintained your license with C~S, yes.  If not, sorry but it’s time to take a course and get updated!

6. Where can I view my coaching certifications?
All coaching certification is now tracked in the Coaching Association of Canada’s database, ‘The Locker’.   Please click here to go!

7.  How does a coach move from ‘Trained’ to ‘Certified’ status?
A coach moves from trained to certified by completing their portfolio and evaluation.  Evaluation at Comp Intro is a one season mentorship and then at CIA and CD, it involves an in practice and in competition on-snow evaluation.  Read all the details here! 

8. I'm a licensed coach.  How do I get my club's activities (training, competition, etc) sanctioned for the season?
Please read the Activity Sanctioning Procedures for step-by-step instructions!