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Officials Program

From gate judges to technical delegates, officials are essential to the success of all Canadian snowboarding events.

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The purpose of the Canada Snowboard Officials’ Program is to provide snowboard officials and volunteers with a greater understanding of the role they will assume during a competition and to introduce them to the rules of snowboard competition.  Canada Snowboard has a three-level program to ensure officials will have the best opportunity to have all necessary knowledge and experience.

The Canada Snowboard Officials Committee (CSOC) was established under the authority of the Sport and System Development Department of Canada Snowboard. The CSOC is responsible for the Canada Snowboard Officials pathway, including but not limited to the development, implementation, and management of the Canada Snowboard Officials Program and the support of all trained Canada Snowboard Officials.  The CSOC has the authority to act as the bridge between all Provincial Territorial Snowboard Associations (PTSAs) and Officials regarding the CS National Officials Pathway.  

For complete details regarding the Canada Snowboard Officials Program refer to the  

Officials Program Operations Manual: CLICK HERE

For more information regarding the CSOC Terms of Reference, CLICK HERE



New, for the 20-21 season, we recently launched our new online management platform for everything regarding officials. This is enabling the implementation of many aspects and processes of the Officials Program and coordination of all the officials and volunteers that have already been invested into the program. It will also keep track of the many CS/PTSA sanctioned events across the country. 

This is a very simple, straight forward platform for all officials and volunteers to create their official profile/bio, register to volunteer and officiate for events and competitions, and register for all education courses, updates and continuous education modules that will be offered online or in person anywhere in Canada.

We would like to re-enforce that all officials or volunteers need to be members of their PTSA to officiate or volunteer at any sanctioned CS events and to receive any education course or module.  However, you can register your profile in Race Roster or for any events or education courses you would like to attend and then register yourself in the Snow Reg membership system or vice versa. 

It’s now time for you to register and start using our Officials and Volunteers Online Management platform: 

-Create your Officials / Volunteers Profile and bio

-Education courses, Modules, Annual updates: Find or sign up for our Education courses or Modules and annual updates as part of our continuous education objectives

-Events & Competitions: To Sign up to Officiate or volunteer for any sanction events and competition in Canada




-Learn about the different level of certification that is required of Trained and Certified Officials per roles,  disciplines and level of competitions 

Refer to the Events and Competitions Officials certification standards: CLICK HERE

- Rules and Regulations: F.I.S : SBFSFK ICR  

 All Canadian events follow the rules and regulations of the international sport body, The Fédération Internationale de ski. F.I.S. is the Sanctioning body for events in all disciplines of competitive snowboarding: 

The NEW SBFSFK ICR for Cross, Park & Pipe and Snowboard Alpine can be found HERE



ALL Officials and Judges on-site at any event, regardless of the level trained, certified, or previous involvement must have current officials, volunteers or judges memberships with Canada Snowboard through their respective PTSA or they will not be permitted on the field of play.

By sanctioning an event or competition, Canada Snowboard assumes all liability risk for the event in question and all individuals involved. In order for Canada Snowboard to protect themselves, the Provincial/ Territorial Snowboard Associations, and all other parties, they must ensure that everyone on the field of play (athletes, coaches, officials, judges, volunteers, etc.) have a current membership as to make sure they fall under the provided liability coverage. There is no opt-out option and Canada Snowboard cannot assume risk for uninsured individuals directly involved. 

To purchase your officials and volunteers membership CLICK HERE

For more information please contact us at: Bssvpvnyf@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn