Safe Sport


Encouraging participation and development of female riders through a variety of women’s only training, events and camps.


A gathering of female shredders that encourages, inspires & shines a light on how much fun can be had on a snowboard in a supportive group dynamic, while being inclusive and welcoming to multiple skill levels, abilities, and skill sets. 

Canada Snowboard has worked closely with stakeholders to create a guide for the PTSAs and their technical leaders to host activations throughout the country that will link together female athletes, coaches, and mentors, to improve their snowboarding as individuals together in a safe space on supportive terrain. 


Program Goals:

  1. Have fun 
  2. Improve your riding/Learn to shred
  3. Make new friends/encourage others


2022 Priorities:

Build upon experiences of successful female-centric / skateboard gatherings/ camps from the past

Increasing exposure to females currently in competitive snowboarding (Tell their stories online)

Increase opportunities of female specific gatherings across as many Provinces/Territories as possible 

Social Media blasts across the Provinces/ Territories on the same day

Utilize NG/NT riders (schedules permitting), to be mentors at these events

No structured curriculum - the goal is for everyone there to have fun

Celebrate what the females have learned throughout the day

Collaborate with stakeholders to provide incentives that benefit the riders both financially and with supportive terrain to ride 

Work on scheduling the Elleboard days in alignment with Provincial Events and encourage clubs to bring lower stage riders to engage more females into the competitive atmosphere. 


For more information, please contact Freestyle Youth Performance Pathway Coach, at nhfgva.juvgr@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn

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