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Technical Committee

The Canada Snowboard Technical Program Committee (CSTPC) is established to address a vital need within the competitive snowboarding community, that is, achieving greater uniformity of the rules and guidelines fundamental to running competitive snowboarding events in Canada;

The CSTPC will create a standardized set of rules and guidelines that organizers can turn to when facing any number of normal and irregular circumstances that can arise over the course of planning and delivering a competitive event.

The CSTPC consists of 7 individuals from within the different areas of the snowboard community (Representatives from: CS, PTSAs, Coaches, Judges and Officials)

  • Cathy Astooforoff (BC)
  • Kristin D'Eon (Nova Scotia)
  • Chris Nakonechny (Coaches)
  • Marcello Centurione (Judges)
  • Dominique Langelier (Officials)
  • Roberto Montanes (CS Events Department)
  • Adam Higgins (CS High Performance Department)

If you have any questions about the CSTPC, please contact: eboregb@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn