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Clubs must submit an Out-of-Country request for any travel outside of Canada. 

Approved Out-of-Country  sanctions activate athletes' and coaches' out-of-country Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP). Athletes and coaches will not be covered by SAIP abroad if an Out-of-country sanction request has not been submitted or approved.

It is the Coaches responsibility to ensure that ALL travelling athletes and coaches have the appropriate level of SAIP prior to submitting their sanction request to their PTSA/Canada Snowboard. 

*SAIP Insurance CANNOT be purchased after departure from Canada.

*SAIP Insurance Dates begin the day the athlete or coach leaves the country and CANNOT be delayed.


To submit an Out-of-Country Sanction Request:

Ensure all athletes or coaches have a current Canada Snowboard membership and Out-of-Country Accident Insurance (SAIP 1 or minimum SAIP 2) - For more SAIP Information CLICK HERE

Submit you Sanction via the Canada Snowboard Sanction Portal via SnowReg Event Sanctioning - CS ACTIVITY SANCTION PORTAL

Within the Activity Sanction Process you will be required to complete a Out of Country Document/ SAIP Roster and COI Request - (If Required).

Out-of-country sanction requests must be submitted to Canada Snowboard/PTSA at least 14 days prior to departure.

* Out of Country Request Form