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Officials Memberships

PURCHASE YOUR PTSA/CANaDA SNOWBOARD Officals Membership for 2024/2025 on June 27


All Officials on-site at any event are expected to have current memberships with Canada Snowboard through their respective PTSA or they will not be permitted on-course.


By sanctioning an event or competition, Canada Snowboard assumes all liability risk for the event in question and all individuals involved. In order for Canada Snowboard to protect themselves, the Provincial/ Territorial Snowboard Associations, and all other parties, they must ensure that everyone on course (athletes, coaches, officials, judges, etc) have a current membership as to make sure they fall under the provided liability coverage. There is no opt-out option and Canada Snowboard cannot assume risk for uninsured individuals directly involved. 


* Officials will have to register for events they intend to work through the Race Roster Platform as a membership verification method. For more information - Click Here

* Officials are considered to be at risk since they are working in the elements, working in close proximity to event activity, climbing scaffolding, standing in dangerous areas, etc. 

* By purchasing your membership and paying the related fees to CS you will receive liability coverage in any sanctioned activity for the season, access to register for courses or further professional development, and access to the CS Shred Hookups deals.

* Please be sure to purchase/renew your membership early on every season as to avoid any gaps in coverage or arriving at an event without one.


Level 1 officials who are helping out at events in a non-paid capacity require a Canada Snowboard/PTSA VOLUNTEER Membership ($0.00 Membership Fee) with BASIC Shred Hookups. 


Technical Delegates and level 2 and 3 officials at events require a Canada SNowboard/PTSA OFFICIALS Membership ($10.00 Membership Fee) with FULL Shred Hookups, THIS MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES:


* Exclusive member discounts and product offers though the Canada Snowboard “Shred Hookups

* General Liability Insurance during Canada Snowboard sanctioned events (training and competitions). NOTE: Does not include supplementary medical insurance (this is called SAIP Insurance and can be purchased separately).

* Liability Example: You’re on your way to the judges tower and when you arrive you put down your board but let go too early and now it’s sliding down and ends up hitting another official in the shin with some speed. This official gets injured and claims the event /the judge liable. As a judge you are covered for situations like this under this insurance.

*  NOTE: In order to activate your membership an official needs to also submit an Enhanced Police Information Check which can be obtained through Sterling Backchek when purchasing your membership.

* In order for this document to be considered valid by the governing bodies, this document cannot be older than 3 years from the time it was completed and must be valid for the entire season (July 1 - June 30)


To contact the Canada Snowboard Member Services Department email vasb@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn

To find out more about the Canada Snowboard Officials Program click here.