Safe Sport

Like everything, it started as a vision. As an idea that was lucky enough to be materialized into this world. You see most ideas aren’t that lucky, most ideas don’t make it that far. Looking back the concept may seem simple, but that plank of wood needed guts, and a creative mind to guide it down hill sideways; and as snowboarders, no matter where any of us come from, those are the roots we share.

In Canada we all have a forced relationship with the snow, and though some resent that, us snowboarders certainly do not. Since its inception, Canada Snowboard has had the role of representing our take on the sport to the rest of the world. We know the responsibility, and for the last twenty-six years we’ve been learning and growing. This rebrand is the next step in our evolution.


Our new values tell our story. We may not all come from the same place, and none of us were brought up alike, but we’re connected. Our passion is snowboarding; the sport, the culture, the lifestyle, and we each bring something unique to it. That’s the beauty, that’s why we exist so well together. There is no right way down, the direction we take is our own. Some of us have chosen the path of competition, and some of us will never leave our local hill. The choice is yours. We’re the sum of all our parts, from the first timers to the Olympians, from our coaches to the up-lifters behind the scenes. We’re all on our own journey to the summit.

Our new logo was an effort born from the collaboration of the entire organization. We wanted to make sure that everyone involved with the brand had an opportunity to be a part of the process. The result is a logo that illustrates where we’re from, and the place in which we prosper. A mountain, the canvas on which we as snowboarders use to paint in anyway we see fit. The maple leaf, our nation, what makes us distinct from the rest of the world. A black diamond, the most difficult path, the symbol of the highest level of achievement.

This rebrand is the way we picture possibility and our trail map for what’s to come. We hold those before us with the highest level of respect, and can only hope to add to the legacy of snowboarding in Canada.

We want to thank the Hulse & Durrell design firm for their amazing job, we couldn't be happier with the results. Hulse & Durrell is an award-winning, Vancouver-based design firm. Related clients include the Vancouver 2010 Games, Canadian Olympic Team, International Olympic Committee, and several Canadian National Sport Federations.

For more information visit: hulsedurrell.com


Article written by: Jake Fine