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The Canadian pipeline of tomorrow’s athletes – emerging athletes that represent our long term Olympic/Paralympic Games hopefuls – is broken: Canada Snowboard does not currently have the financial resources to pursue the podium while also supporting Canada’s athletes of tomorrow. The result is that many talented athletes fall off the funding radar and experience gaps in their training. We need to allow these athletes to be committed to  a career in snowboarding.

An additional $500,000 in funding per year for each year leading up to the Olympics/Paralympics of 2018 and 2022 would ensure that the pipeline of Canadian athletes is supported throughout the Olympic/Paralympic four-year cycle. 

The World Cup and Olympic/Paralympic podiums in snowboarding are within reach, but we need your long-term financial support to get there. Help us invest in our Canadian athletes today, for the benefit of tomorrow and come 2018 our athletes will inspire a nation. Your financial support has the ability to change the course of Canadian Snowboarding history.

With your help, Canadian snowboarders will have the best chance available to succeed. This will result in:

  • Better and more consistent performances at the Olympic/Paralympic Games and other international snowboarding events resulting in more recognition for Canadian snowboarding;
  • Significantly improved access for all athletes to the coaching, training, and equipment they need to successfully represent Canada on the international stage;
  • The development of a larger group of athletes, from park to podium;
  • A larger number of entries in World Cup and World Championship events. Not only do these events give athletes an opportunity to test their skills against a world-class field of competitors, but they also secure FIS/IPC points toward Olympic/Paralympic qualification. More entries mean a better  chance at Olympic/Paralympic qualification.