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Wood Buffalo, AB | 2023

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Arctic Winter Games


The Arctic Winter Games were conceived as a forum where athletes from the “circumpolar North” could compete on their own terms, on their own turf.

The first Games were held in Yellowknife, NT, in 1970 with the three contingents coming from Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska.  In the next sixteen years there were some observer teams from Greenland and northern Quebec, with later expansion to include teams from Russia and Scandanavia.

One of the main objects of the Games is, and always has been, to involve as many athletes as possible either in the Games themselves or in team trials and to provide a competitive forum for those other than elite athletes with opportunities in the south. The Arctic Winter Games Corporation logo, consisting of three interlocking rings, symbolizes athletic competition, cultural exhibition, and social interchange, which is the philosophy behind the Games. Although gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the athletes, the only trophy awarded is that to the team which displays the best sportsmanship throughout the Games.

To learn more about the Arctic Winter Games, visit www.arcticwintergames.org

Snowboard at the Arctic Winter Games

The snowboard competition continues to be one of the leading events at the Games. Click on the links below to see results from previous competitions.
2018 - Fort Smith, NT, Canada

Upcoming Events

2023 - Wood Buffalo, AB, Canada