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Certificate of Insurance


Clubs may request a Certificate of Insurance at the time they submit their annual club sanctioning information through SnowReg. 

If they need a further COI after this has already been submitted they may follow the below steps.

It is important to remember that Certificates of Insurance are only required if it is requested from the 3rd party resort or facility in which the sanctioned activity is taking place. A lot of resorts of facilities do not require them. Please ensure you check with the resort/facility prior to submitting a request. 

To submit an additional COI request:

1. Download the COI Request Form .

2. Send completed form to info@canadasnowboard.ca

3. For any COI's being submitted as a DUAL request involving BOTH Freestyle Canada and Canada Snowboard, please use the DUAL COI Request Form.

Before you submit, please observe the following:

1. Double check with the third party/resort to ensure that you have included their correct LEGAL name and address.
*The name of the certificate holder may not always simply be the name of the third party/resort itself.

2. Ensure that you obtain a limit of liability from the third party/resort. If a COI is requested, a limit of liability will be a stipulation.

Processing times are 5-10 business days.

Upon receiving your COI, you may have some questions on what you are reading. For "How-To read your COI", click HERE