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Membership Benefits


Canada Snowboard alongside our member Provincial / Territorial Associations (PTSAs) run all sanctioned Snowboard events and programs in Canada. Together, we create the pathways that are designed to help you reach your goals within snowboarding. From being a grassroots shredder with your local community,  to becoming a professional competition snowboarder … building your career in coaching, to officiating / judging; volunteering or simply becoming a ‘supporter’ member to support the systems which make competition snowboarding in Canada possible; there is an option for everyone to get involved in the sport!



What Do I Get with my Canada Snowboard/ PTSA Membership? 


Shred Hookups 

Once registered as Canada Snowboard / PTSA Member, you will gain access to crazy discounts on over 30 brands such as: Oakley, Marmot, Garmin, BioSteel, BN3Th, ExpertVoice, Skullcandy and many, many more. - * Automatically included with Recreational, Compete, Compete + FIS, Coach, CASI Grassroots and Judges / Officials Memberships


Safe Sport 

All members will be part of our SAFE SPORT ENVIRONMENT with the ability to access the Sport Canada Helpline, and other resources, should you feel the Canada Snowboard Code of Conduct has been breached. Learn more about what Canada Snowboard and our PTSAs are doing to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our members HERE


Liability Insurance 

Your membership registration includes Commercial Liability Insurance (CGL) to train, be coached, officiate/judge, be part of a club, compete and volunteer.


What is liability insurance?

Insurance that provides an insured party (active CS/PTSA members) with protection against claims advanced by others resulting from injuries and/or damage to other persons or property when participating in sanctioned Canada Snowboard activities. (Does not cover intentional damage or criminal acts) - Comes into play when an accident is caused by something or someone else.


Sport Accident Insurance Program (SAIP) - Optional ADD ON 

Insurance that comes into play when an accident is caused: by yourself, to yourself, when participating in sanctioned Canada Snowboard Activities. 

SAIP will cover any gaps in your other insurance coverage or remaining medical expenses in addition to providing worldwide assistance in medical case management. SAIP provides tertiary coverage. In the event of an accident, claimants must first claim medical incurred expenses through their Canadian Provincial healthcare plan and private health care plan (e.g., employment medical benefits). ​

Eligibility - All athletes, managers, coaches and discipline officials/judges with an active Canada Snowboard membership are eligible to purchase SAIP for the current season. For Special Risk Accident cover, Insured must have a permanent residence in Canada, and be insured by the government healthcare insurance plan in their home province.  Please note, members with a FIS + Compete membership are required to have the appropriate level of SAIP Insurance. SAIP Levels vary from Level 1 to 5.


Access to the Snowboard Competition PAthway 

(Dependant on your Membership Type)


Access to PROGRAMS 

Dependent on your Membership Type)


Youth Performance Program Activations - The Youth Performance Program is a joint initiative between the Sport & System Development Department and the High-Performance Department that aims to provide more opportunities to Stage 4 & Stage 5 level athletes and coaches to understand, learn, implement and reach high performance habits & skills.

Riders - The Canada Snowboard RIDERS Program is a confidence-building and skills-oriented introduction for young athletes to the sport of competitive snowboarding.

Little Riders - The Little RIDERS program allows us to bring snowboarding to more kids in Canada regardless of snow, geographic locations or weather and  is an in-school program that helps kids learn the FUNdamentals of snowboarding.

Elleboard -  A gathering of female shredders that encourages, inspires & shines a light on how much fun can be had on a snowboard in a supportive group dynamic, while being inclusive and welcoming to multiple skill levels, abilities, and skill sets. 

Indigenous - Canada Snowboard works with indigenous communities on the implementation of our Little RIDERS program which includes the holistic and cultural component within the curriculum.

Para Snowboard - Canada Snowboard, in partnership with the Canadian Adaptive Snowsports, has created the Para-Snowboard Program, specifically designed for individuals with disabilities.


Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP) - The CSCP, in partnership with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) oversees the development and delivery of educational resources for Canadian snowboard coaches.

Canada Snowboard Officials Program - The Canada Snowboard Officials’ Program (CSOP) is a three-level education program to ensure officials will have the best opportunity to have all necessary knowledge and experience to organize and officiate at snowboard competitions. 

Canada Snowboard Judges Program - The Canadian Snowboard Judges is an autonomous association providing freestyle snowboard judging expertise for freestyle snowboard events at all levels of competition across Canada and internationally.

* Please note members do not automatically have access to all listed competitions and programs. For further information, please contact your Provincial or Territorial Snowboard Association.