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Youth Performance Program Activations



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Edge Camp West

When: November 20th, 2022

Where: Nakiska, Alberta 

Discipline(s): Alpine focus, but open to all!

Goals: Awareness and Fun!

Registration: $15 to register which includes your lift ticket! All coaches and athletes must register here so that we know you're coming. The deadline to register is Nov 17th at 5pm MST.

An early-season training opportunity for Clubs and Teams across the country. This camp will be focused on developing and refining carving abilities for athletes across all LTD stages and all disciplines. Come ride alongside National Team members and friends through alpine courses with timing and fun races! Everyone will work together to develop new skills and have fun. No alpine specific equipment needed, this is for everyone! This camp is not only for athletes, but also for coaches. Coaches will work closely with our technical leads and our National Team coaches to gain more insight on the sport, better understand the elements of a carve and the alpine discipline, and learn new coaching techniques.

Further details including an itinerary can be found here. As this is a team training opportunity, athletes must attend with coaches. If your team is not interested in participating, please contact Austin White at nhfgva.juvgr@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn and we will work to add you to another team attending.


Para Awareness & Development Camp


When: December 12-14, 2022

Where: Big White Ski Resort, BC

Discipline(s): Para Snowboarding

Goals: Recruitment to the sport and increasing awareness, Development Training

Registration: The deadline to register is December 9th at 6pm PST. Coaches and athletes can register on SnowReg. Participants will be eligible for 50% lift tickets. All participants are responsible for their own travel, food, and accommodation.

What: An early season recruitment and training camp for Para Snowboarders entering the competitive snowboard stream. This camp will be focussed on increasing the number of athletes within the IPC classification that snowboard, while promoting awareness and interest in the sport discipline by aligning it prior to the Para World Cup. The technical lead and National Team Coach Greg Picard will guide athletes through the Para Snowboard discipline while promoting skill development in all participants. This initiative will offer opportunities and resources to coaches, instructors, athletes, and can assist Para athletes in the adaptation of snowboard equipment. We will be riding the hill prior to the 2022 Para World Cup at Big White, with a classification opportunity on Dec 18th, 2022.

Three possible classifications of athletes:

  1. SB-LL1 for athletes with significant impairment to one leg, such as amputation above the knee, or "a significant combined impairment in two legs", affecting their balance, their board-control and their ability to navigate uneven terrain.
  2. SB-LL2 for athletes with impairment to one or both legs "with less activity limitation", such as below-knee amputation.
  3. SB-UL for athletes upper limb impairments, affecting balance.


Snowboard Cross

When: Jan 14-19, 2023

Where: Sunshine Village Ski Resort, Alberta

Discipline(s): Snowboard Cross focus, but open to all!

Goals: Awareness and fun (come try it!), Development and Performance training

Registration: Registration is open on SnowReg for Canadian and International participants. If attending the performance camp, all athletes and coaches must register. For clubs attending the development camp (Jan 14-15), please have 1 coach register and submit a list of all athletes and coaches upon registering. Registration closes Jan 8th, 2023 at 5PM PST.


What: Opportunity to ride and train a Snowboard Cross track to target the developmental and performance needs of the discipline. Athletes from all LTD stages and across all disciplines are invited to ride a snowboard cross course alongside teams and clubs from across the country. To be inclusive of the needs of lower-staged LTD athletes, training will be separated into Developmental (Jan 14-15) and Performance (Jan 14-19) athletes to be mindful of the training environment and create a safe and welcoming space for all. Coaches and athletes will have the opportunity to work with Technical Leaders to learn the rules and pathways for Snowboard Cross, learn new coaching techniques, and improve their knowledge around the required skillset for the discipline.

Further details including lift tickets, itinerary, and TC meetings can be found here.


Edge Camp East


When: March 8th, 2023

Where: Horseshoe Resort, Ontario

Discipline(s): Alpine focus, but open to all!

Goals: Awareness and fun, Develop carving skills

Registration: Please note this is tailored to teams that already have athletes competing in the NorAm training. Coaches must opt-in to this opportunity, as well as we request that parents RSVP to the indoor pathway meeting. Please opt-in and RSVP to Nhfgva.juvgr@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn

This event will focus on providing technical guidance from National Team coach Mark Fawcett on coaching, pathways, training, and more. In alignment with the Alpine NorAm training, coaches can use Mark as a mentor throughout the training day. This will precede an afternoon presentation for athletes and coaches regarding the athlete pathway from Club to Next Gen Team and how it relates to events and training ratios, LTD stages, and expectations for athletes. The goals for this event are to provide further guidance to development and performance teams as well as to spread information to all relevant stakeholders in an athlete’s pathway.

For more information including scheduling, please review the Event Invite



When: February 14-15, 2023

Where: Bromont Ski Resort, QC

Discipline(s): Para Snowboarding

Goals: Introduction to course inspections, body positioning, and generating speed

Registration: All participants must register here by February 9th, 6pm EST.

This camp will be focussed on the promoting awareness and development in para snowboard while simultaneously providing an avenue for existing athletes to train alongside others within the para snowboard community. By aligning it with the Coupe Québec, the goal is to create an opportunity to ride the snowboard cross track following a competition that is suitable for entry and development level para snowboarders with National Team coach Greg Picard. Please note, this camp will be separate from the Coupe Québec. 

For further details on the training opportunity, including accomodations and scheduling, please visit the event notice.


Slopestyle and Halfpipe


When: Feb 18-19, 2023

Where: WinSport, Alberta

Discipline(s): Halfpipe & Slopestyle Focus (Open to all!)

Goals: Halfpipe awareness (Come try it!), Development and performance training 

Event Invite: For further details on the camp, please view the event invite HERE.

Registration: *NEW: Passphrase is required to register for the camp. Athletes looking to register, please request the passphrase from your coach or club. Online Registration can be found here and will close at 5:00 PM MST February 15th, 2023. There will be no in- person registration. All athletes must attend with a coach. Each participant must register themselves to ensure they will have an pass for the exclusive access to the XL park venues.

The goals of this camp are to provide a Canadian training opportunity for teams and clubs to get exclusive access to a 22ft halfpipe and the XL Slopestyle Venue, as well as the public slopestyle line. Coach mentors and freestyle judges will be available for both slopestyle and halfpipe to facilitate learning for both athletes and coaches, with potential for simulated competition runs to discuss opportunities for scoring improvements. This camp will provide opportunities for skill development, nation-wide athlete assessment, and inter-team training within the freestyle communities.


Snowboard Cross 


When: March 10th & 11th, 2023

Where: Horseshoe Resort, Ontario

Discipline(s): Snowboard Cross

Goals: Development and Performance Training

Registration: Athletes and coaches must register online here. The deadline to register is March 5th at midnight. All athletes must attend with their club or coach.

The Youth Performance Program (YPP) is a Canada Snowboard Program that aims to provide more opportunities to all stages of athletes and coaches. This camp will be split into two parts: Performance, and Development. The Performance camp is for any athletes currently competing in events at the NorAm level or above, where we are aiming to create more training opportunities. The Development camp is for athletes competing at the local or provincial level and want more time riding a snowboard cross course with their teams. National Team Coach Alumni, Jake Holden, will be on staff to mentor coaches. This camp will provide opportunities for skill development, nation-wide athlete assessment, and inter-team training within the snowboard cross community.

For more information including the event schedule and TC meeting, please review the event invite


The Gathering

The grand season finale


When: May 1st - 7th, 2023

Where: Sunshine Village Ski Resort, Alberta

Discipline(s): Freestyle, Snowboard Cross, Alpine, Banked Slalom, Para, Holy Bowly

Goals: Multi-disciplinary camp to ride the Holy Bowly, Alpine, Banked Slalom, and Snowboard Cross courses with various athletes and teams across the country

Event Notice: For all details on the event including tickets, registration, schedules, lodging, and more, please visit the Event Notice Here

Off Snowboard Activities: This season, The Gathering will feature activities that don't necessarily include a snowboard to target all areas of the developing rider. For information on planned activities ranging from raking clinics to skate nights to mental health and performance, please visit the Activities Overview.

Registration: The deadline to register is April 28th, 2023 at 23:30 MST. All athletes must attend with a coach. There is a password to athlete registration. The coach attending the event with you will be able to provide you this password. Coaches, you will receive the passcode in the confirmation email from the coach registration.

Coaches Registration Link: https://snowreg.com/#!/events/the-gathering-youth-performance-program-camp-coach-registration

Athlete Registration Link: https://snowreg.com/#!/events/46160-the-gathering-youth-performance-program-camp-sunshine-ab-2023

Elleboard Registration Link: https://snowreg.com/#!/events/elleboard-at-the-gathering-youth-performance-program-camp

*This camp is open to Canadian athletes exclusively. There will be no exceptions. This applies to international athletes that are living in Canada. If you are a FIS athlete, your FIS Nationality MUST be Canadian. 

What is it: Canada Snowboard’s week long multidisciplinary Youth Performance Camp. Bring all of your snowboards, your good vibes, stoke to ride, and come join clubs across the country at the Holy Bowly course at Sunshine Village. This camp focuses primarily on the fun times of snowboarding by bringing together the competitive community of snowboarders in Canada to session a variety of disciplines together. To build on last year’s success, this year there will be introduced a brand new Holy Bowly course, banked slaloms, alpine courses, as well as the addition of a snowboard cross track to race down! Come ride alongside fellow competitors and friends.

This camp provides opportunities to both coaches and athletes across the country, bringing together everyone to ride, have fun & progress on the unique terrain of the Holy Bowly course. Both coaches and riders will have the opportunity to learn from each other, as well as the High-Performance coaches, who will help everyone progress their riding and coaching across multiple disciplines within this unique space.

Participation for the entire week is not mandatory. This year, we will introduce a rest day in the middle of the week to allow some time to recover the energy levels. 

As this is a team training opportunity, athletes must attend with coaches. If your team is not interested in participating, or if you are a developing coach hoping to attend for mentorship opportunities without a team, please contact Austin White at nhfgva.juvgr@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn and we will work to get you added to another team attending.