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Help set the performance standard for Canadian snowboarding events.

Canada Snowboard Judges

Competitive freestyle snowboarding is a judged sport.  Freestyle snowboard judges are required to provide a very specific set of skills and abilities in order to effectively run freestyle snowboard events and accurately produce competition results.  Judges are responsible for evaluating the performance of each competitor using a set of criteria, comparing each rider’s performance against the field of competition and producing a final ranking sorted from best to worst.

The most common types of freestyle snowboard events are Slopestyle, Rail Jams / Sessions, Halfpipe and Big Air.  

Judging Criteria Used

Difficulty     |     Amplitude     |     Variety     |    Execution     |     Risk     |     Progression
Combinations (Slopestyle & Halfpipe)       |       Course Use (Slopestyle & Halfpipe)


Canadians have been a part of the establishment and evolution of freestyle snowboard judging from the very beginning.  This season and moving forward, the Canadian Snowboard Judges Association is looking to mature our documentation on who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved.  We want to share openly about how we produce results, the processes and formats we use, the criteria, and other information that will be valuable for judges, coaches, riders, event organizers, parents, etc… 

Please check back here from time to time as we will be adding content, material, resources, pocket guides, and other tools.  Please know that all snowboard judges are approachable and should be able to answer any questions you may have about judging during an event, on or off the snow.  If they don’t have the answer, then contact the regional Judge Educator or Coordinator in your area by looking under our “Structure” section.

Have a great season, good luck, have fun, and stay healthy!