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Judges Program

Help set the performance standard for Canadian snowboarding events.


The Canadian Snowboard Judges is an autonomous association providing freestyle snowboard judging expertise for freestyle snowboard events at all levels of competition across Canada and internationally.  The following diagram shows how we are structured.


There are two levels of leadership in our structure; the committee level, and the Provincial and Territorial (P&T) level. At the committee level there are two types of positions; the committee chair, and committee member.  These positions are typically held by the most senior judges in Canada.  At the PT level, we have again two types of positions; education and coordination.  These positions may also be held by a committee member but we encourage at least one of the two P&T level positions to be held by a qualified senior level judge from that specific Province or Territory.  This supports the development of our junior judges and offers a path to becoming a senior judge, and potential committee member in the future.  The following diagram shows our current leadership assignments.

Judges and Head Judges

In each P&T, there is a maintained roster of qualified / certified judges and head judges used to assign judges to freestyle snowboard events.  To become a judge and be assigned to an event, you must first meet a minimum set of requirements;

- Minimum 5 years of riding experience
- Reasonable level of freestyle trick knowledge
- Competed in a minimum of 1 snowboarding event
- Minimum 16 years of age
- Must attend the regional annual judges clinic
- Must maintain a membership through the PTSA or Canada Snowboard


Canadian Snowboard Judges are recognized globally as being very knowledgeable, highly competent and professional.   Our efforts, dedication and passion for our sport have allowed us to be a part of many leadership circles influencing and developing where our sport has come from and where it is heading.  The following chart show appointments held by some of our judges.


All Judges on-site at any event are expected to have a current memberships with Canada Snowboard trough their respective Provincial Territorial Snowboard Associations or they will not be permitted on-course.

By sanctioning an event or competition, Canada Snowboard assumes all liability risk for the event inn question and all individuals involved. In order for Canada Snowboard to protect themselves, the Provincial Territorial Snowboard Associations, and all the other parties, they must ensure that everyone on course (athletes, coaches, officials, judges, etc.) have a current membership as to make sure they fall under the provided liability coverage. 

All Judges will have register for events they intend to work through GoalLine  as a membership verification method.

Judges are considered to be at risk since they are working in the elements, working in close proximity to event activity, climbing scaffolding, standing in dangerous areas, etc.

By purchasing your membership and paying the related fees to Canada Snowboard you will receive liability coverage in any sanctioned activity for the season, access to register for courses or further professional development, and access to the Canada Snowboard Shred Hookups deals.

Please be sure to purchase/renew your membership early on every season as to avoid any gaps in coverage or arriving at an event without one.

You can register and purchase your membership online HERE