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Judges Memberships

PURCHASE your PTSA/Canada Snowboard Membership for 2020/2021 Today


For all certified PTSA/Canada Snowboard Judges


Canada Snowboard and the Canadian Snowsports Association require that every judge participating in the official course area of an event have a valid membership with both Canada Snowboard and their local PTSA.

For all Canada Snowboard Officials this means purchasing a $10 membership through SnowReg which includes:

* $5 (PTSA FEE)

* $5 (Canada Snowboard Fee)

* In order to activate your membership an official needs to also submit an Enhanced Police Information Check which can be obtained through MyBackCheck.

* In order for this document to be considered valid by the governing bodies, this document cannot be older than 3 years.  More specifically for this up and coming season, any record produced PAST June 1st, 2017 will be considered expired and not valid. 

* Record checks can be used multiple times and will be considered valid as long as the date in which they were produced was ON or BEFORE June 1st, 2017.


Your PTSA/Canada Snowboard Officials Membership gives you access to:

* Exclusive member discounts and product offers though the Canada Snowboard “Shred Hookups”

* General Liability Insurance during Canada Snowboard sanctioned events (training and competitions).

Liability example:

You’re on your way to the judges tower and when you arrive you put down your board but let go too early and now it’s sliding down and ends up hitting another official in the shin with some speed. This official gets injured and claims the event /the judge liable. As a judge you are covered for situations like this under this insurance.

* Does not include supplementary medical insurance (this is called SAIP Insurance and can be purchased separately).

To find out more about the Canada Snowboard Judges Program click here.