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Encouraging participation and development of female riders through a variety of women’s only training, events and camps.

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What's Next?

What's Next?

Canada Snowboard is continuing to research women in snowboarding in Canada, develop resources, and build a network of program delivery partners.

Objectives are to promote the equitable participation of women in the sport of snowboarding at the coach, judge, official, volunteer and athlete levels, through the following initiatives:

  • Increase awareness of the Women's Snowboard Federation
  • Increase participation by women athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers in snowboarding.
  • Develop partnerships with women's only snowboard organizations to assist in the ongoing delivery of women's snowboard camps and competitions.
  • Provide training opportunities for interested women snowboarders to be Learning Facilitators for the Canadian Snowboard Coach Program (CSCP).
  • Provide Mentorship Programs for women judges, officials, and coaches who demonstrate outstanding progress and work, leadership within the sport, and a need for funding to further continue their education and training
  • Stage a minimum of one women only camps in each province and territory
  • Identify the next female leaders in each region.

Objectives for the next five years include:

  • Increase women's membership of Canada~Snowboard to 40%.
  • Increase the number of CSCP "trained" women coaches, learning facilitators, officials and judges to at least 40% of the total number.
  • Create awareness of the Women's Snowboard Federation.
  • Grow "Park Days" - an annual series of women only snowboard training camps and competitions run by women coaches, officials, judges, volunteers, and administrators.


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