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The NCCP Canadian Snowboard Coaching Program is the section of Canada~Snowboard that develops the materials and delivers the courses that give coaches the tools needed to provide the highest quality of instruction to athletes at all levels of competitive snowboarding.

The philosophy of the CSCP is “Better Riders Through Better Coaches”. 

The CSCP’s Coaching Development Model provides five contexts for the development of snowboard coaches:

  • Competition Introduction - LTAD Stage 3
  • Comp Intro Advanced Coach - LTAD Stage 4
  • Competition Development Coach - LTAD Stage 5
  • Competition Development Advanced Coach - LTAD Stage 6
  • High Performance Coach - LTAD Stage 6/7

These are described in detail in the CSCP Operations Manual (.pdf 3 MB) as well as the Course Information page.




The CSCP’s plan for long term coaching development has been created in conjunction with the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) and is based on Canada~Snowboard’s Long Term Athlete Development Model.  Further, CSCP has adopted this Code of Ethics (.pdf 154KB) from the Coaches of Canada.

The CSCP recognizes the NCCP’s approach of competency based education training to provide for more competent coaches by conducting training using modern adult education principles such as facilitated learning, self-directed modules, and the evaluation of both coaches and facilitators. In workshops or modules delivered in person, the overall teaching format will be based on mentorship and facilitation of learning by participants. Competency-based education and training is founded on the concept of learning by doing. Coaches develop and refine their skills when they are given the opportunity to apply the concepts. The workshops are designed to allow participants to practice the core skills required in each coaching context and to enable them to reflect on how they may apply what they have learned in their own programs.

The practice of qualifying for a CSCP license on the basis of previous completion of a CASI coaching course (i.e. “grandfathering”) has been discontinued. As of 01 September, 2009.


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