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The Gathering

The Gathering


When: May 8-11, 2024

Where: Sunshine Village Ski Resort, AB

Discipline(s): Freestyle, Snowboard Cross, Alpine, Banked Slalom, Para, Holy Bowly

Goals: Multi-disciplinary camp to ride the Holy Bowly, Alpine, Banked Slalom, and Snowboard Cross courses with various athletes and teams across the country

What is The gathering?

The Gathering aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive event for all snowboarders and industry partners including riders, athletes, coaches, builders, instructors, volunteers, administrators, and more to sample a variety of snowboard environments and grow together as a world leading snowboard nation. The atmosphere of the event prioritizes low stress and high fun, where participants and sport leaders can come together to share their love and knowledge of snowboarding.

The event provides access to all disciplines, including: Snowboardcross course, Banked Slalom course, Freestyle parks, Alpine gates, and the unique Holy Bowly venue built by Snowboy Productions. With the expert Riders Advancement and Development (RAD) Coaches leading the various disciplines, participants are assigned stations in the morning to experience new training environments that they may not get to experience otherwise and interact with snowboarders across the country. In the afternoon, the various training environments are opened in a jam format to allow all participants to explore their interests, with continue support from the various RAD Coaches. Off-snow development opportunities are offered each day to sport and system experts on various topics to share best practices, tips, and ideas related to developing snowboard skills and knowledge in the community. Sessions may include mental wellness and performance workshops, shaping and venue maintenance, and snowboard waxing and tuning, among others.

As this is a team training opportunity, athletes must attend with coaches. If your team is not interested in participating, or if you are a developing coach hoping to attend for mentorship opportunities without a team, please contact Austin White at nhfgva.juvgr@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn and we will work to get you added to another team attending.