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Encouraging participation and development of female riders through a variety of women’s only training, events and camps.

The key to having better snowboard athletes is to develop better snowboard coaches.

This in turn will lead to improved experiences for our athletes, higher retention and increased opportunities for success. As such, it is vital that our coaches strive to deliver their best so that our athletes will be better prepared for peak performances.

In order assist in this aim, Canada Snowboard has organized several resources focused on coaching female athletes. Recognizing the important morphological distinctions specific to female athletes, and then designing tailored snowboard programming, stands out as one of the greatest areas of opportunity for clubs and Provincial / Territorial teams aiming to get more athletes onto the podium.

If you have any questions about coaching female athletes or developing female-specific snowboard programming, please contact Canada Snowboard’s Maggie Dekking at maggie.dekking@canadasnowboard.ca.   





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