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Get involved and help develop the next wave of Canadian athletes.

Coaching Courses

Topics covered in this section

The differences between Instructors and Coaches
The Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP)
Coaching Pathway
Training for new Coaches
Licenses and membership
Sanctioning of activities
The Locker, the NCCP and the CAC
Portfolio evaluation
Certification and professional development



We’re stoked that you want to learn about coaching!

Whether you’re a Canadian snowboard legend, an instructor, or a volunteer, we want to help you on your pathway to becoming an amazing snowboard coach.

The differences between Instructors and Coaches

Snowboard Instructors

Resorts and hills across Canada operate snow-schools, where learners get their initial on-snow lessons and experience. These lessons are led by Instructors.

Instructors work with Stage 1-2 athletes, who are learning fundamental movements and how to control a snowboard.

In order to become a qualified instructor, you complete the CASI Level 1 Course through the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors. 

If delivering snow-school lessons at your local resort sounds like the right fit for you, visit www.casi-acms.com to get started.

Snowboard Coaches

Snowboard Clubs, Provincial / Territorial Teams and our National Team rely on the expertise of Coaches to help snowboarders learn new skills, compete at the highest level, and reach their athletic potential.

Coaches work with Stage 3-7 athletes on snowboard-specific skills, training for success in competitive snowboard disciplines, and developing the experience and confidence needed to win at progressively higher levels.

To become a licensed coach, you will begin by taking an introductory coaching course. This course is delivered in partnership between the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The course is then followed by a short checklist of action items to complete.

If mentoring and developing snowboard athletes sounds like the right fit for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP)

The Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP) is how Canada Snowboard connects both new and experienced coaches to educational, development and certification opportunities.

The CSCP oversees the delivery of courses, workshops and webinars, while helping coaches to gain skills, experience and credentials.

The program’s mission is to make sure that snowboard athletes around our country are getting the best coaching possible.The philosophy of the program is better riders through better coaches.

The Coaching Pathway

Below you will find an overview of the Coaching Pathway, which outlines the training of both new coaches and returning coaches. New Coaches begin their training at Stage 03.

    To see each step of the pathway in greater detail, click here.


Note: are you a CASI Level 2 instructor or a former national team athlete? You may qualify for the accelerated coach training process. To learn more, contact the CSCP Team.

Training for new Coaches

Competition Introduction

The Competition Introduction Course (Comp Intro), builds a foundation of knowledge and helps prepare you to coach Stage 3 athletes.

Athlete activities at Stage 3 include RIDERS events, club level competitions, regional competitions or industry events.

In addition to attending the course, candidates will complete three NCCP modules:

  • Making ethical decisions
  • Planning a practice
  • Teaching and learning


By completing the course and the modules you will be a Trained coach. Before you begin working with athletes, however, it is important that you first obtain your Coaching License. Additional details about this step are below.

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Licenses and membership

Before any Coach can train athletes, either on-snow or off-snow, they must first obtain their Coaching License.

To obtain or renew a license, the coach must have first:
  • completed their Competition Introduction Course (or higher)
  • registered as a Coach using the Canada Snowboard Membership system
  • submitted a background check (updated within last 3 years). This process can be completed online using SterlingBackcheck ($25)

Once the final step has been completed, please allow 1-2 weeks for Canada Snowboard to review your file and issue your coaching license.

>> Purchase your Canada Snowboard membership
& apply for your coaching license  <<

If you require additional guidance, please contact the CSCP Team.


  • Please complete your coaching license application at the start of the season. Do not wait until just prior to an event to apply. It may not be approved in time.
  • Your license needs to be renewed every year. The annual date of expiration is June 30th.

Sanctioning of activities

Before you begin any off-snow training activities, on-snow training or competitions with your athletes, you should first ensure that you have requested that the activity be sanctioned by Canada Snowboard. This step is required in order to review the possibility of extending Canada Snowboard insurance protections to the activities of its member clubs. To learn more about this important process, click here.

To learn more about this important administrative step, click here.

The sanctioning process is also covered in the Administration of Coaching webinar. To watch it, click here.

The Locker, the NCCP and the CAC

During the introductory training, coaches will complete three modules offered through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). This Program, created by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), offers several Multi-sport training modules online via The Locker, including the snowboard-specific Making Head Way concussion awareness module. To learn more, visit coach.ca

Portfolio Evaluation

As Trained Coaches prepare for the certification process, they will finalize and submit the portfolio that they began during the Comp Intro Course. This consists of their session plan, emergency action plan and communications plan. To find out how what items need to be included in these portfolio elements, and to learn how they will be evaluated, click here.

Completed portfolios should be sent to your provincial snowboard association coaching coordinator or to the CSCP Team.

certification and professional development

Trained and Licensed Coaches can begin their progress towards Certification. During the Certification step, the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program will co-ordinate an evaluation with the candidate, in order to evidence that the newly acquired coaching skills have been put into practice. 

Coaches may also, at any time, pursue professional development opportunities. These may include online modules and webinars, Professional development equally plays a vital role in maintaining existing Certification.

Finally, as a Certified Coach, you can consider advancing to the next step of the coaching pathway: Competition Introduction Advanced.


Do you need additional guidance in order to decide which coaching course is right for you?
Are you a current or former National Team athlete looking to get involved in coaching?
Do you have a need for a snowboard coaching course in your area?   

Email the CSCP Team for assistance.