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Comp Intro Advanced

The 5-day Comp Intro Advanced Workshop is the first workshop to take after the Comp Intro Coach. This is also the first workshop for event specialization.

  • Comp Intro Advanced Freestyle: Half pipe, Big Air, Slope Style
  • Comp Intro Advanced Speed: SBX, PGS, PSL

The Comp Intro Advanced coach typically tends to work with competitors of all ages who are building a career on the competitive side of snowboarding.

Course Cost: $550.00

Athlete level: Consolidating basic skills and event specialization

Age of athlete: Train to Train LTAD stage 4

Training Volume: on snow 2 to 4 days a week

Context of competition: Provincial to national: FIS, NOR-AM, Pro, industry events

Workshop Content:
Specific principles of:

  • Biomechanics
  • Freestyle or speed
  • Coaching athletes in Training
  • Analyzing performance
  • Coaching athletes in competition
  • Long-Term Athlete Development


The Pathway

In order to receive full "Comp Intro Advanced certification" as a CSCP Comp Intro Adv Coach, an individual must fulfill the following accreditation.


1. CSCP Comp Intro (formerly Basic Coach) Certified
2. CSCP Comp Intro Advanced Workshop (Freestyle or Speed) (Register Now)
3. CSF/CSCP License

= Trained

4. Complete a coaching Portfolio (Portfolio & Evaluation Guide)
5. On snow evaluation during a training session with athletes (3 hours)

= Certified