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Comp High Performance

The High performance coach typically tends to work with athletes on a national development team or top performance national team athletes. Athlete level: Refining and varying advanced skills

Age of athlete: Train to Win and Winning for a Living LTAD stages

Training Volume: on snow 5 or more times a week, in a multiyear program

Context of competition: International: All of the above + World Championships and Olympics


The Pathway:

In order to receive full "Comp High Performance certification" as a CSCP Comp HP Coach, an individual must fulfill the following accreditation:

1. Letter of recommendation from CS high performance director as well as the CAC director for Comp High Performance Accreditation.

2.Complete the entry pannel interview

3.Complete custom curriculum based on skill assessment

4.Complete an evaluation after the custom curriculum to ensure identified gaps have been filled.

5. On-going professional development along with the CAC/CHPC designation through the Locker.