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Coaching Program

Get involved and help develop the next wave of Canadian athletes.

Comp Intro


The 3-day Comp Intro Workshop is the first step to take if you have never been trained to be a snowboard coach. The Comp Intro coach (or entry level coach) typically tends to work with competitors of all ages who are new to the competitive side of snowboarding.

Course Cost: $350.00

Athlete level: learning basic skills, consolidating fundamental snowboarding skills

Age of athlete: Learn to Ride LTAD stage 3

Training Volume: on snow 1 to 2 days a week

Context of competition: Club to Regional e.g. Riders, fist time FIS, Pro, industry events

The On-Snow Workshop:
Workshop Content, fundamental principles of:

  • Biomechanics
  • Air and speed
  • Coaching
  • Planning a session
  • Analyzing performance
  • Preparing athletes for training
  • Preparing athletes for a competition
  • Long-Term Athlete Development The Pathway

The Pathway

In order to receive the "trained status" as a CSCP Comp Intro Coach, an individual must fulfill the following accreditations. NOTE: Although the order shown is preferred, it is not a mandatory requirement (ie. One may already have multi sport modules before taking the on-snow coach course.)


1. CSCP Comp Intro Course (register now!)
2. NCCP Multi Sport Modules (Find a workshop)

Required modules    1,     Making Ethical Decisions   2.  Planning a Practice  3. Teaching and Learning  

3. C~S/CSCP License

= Trained


4. CSCP Comp Intro Portfolio (Portfolio Guide pdf)
5. In-Training Evaluation by a mentor coach/evaluator ($25.00 Paid online)
6. Complete NCCP Making Ethical Decision Online Evaluation (Free)

= Certified