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Comp Development

The Competition Development is a 6 day online workshop followed by a 4-day workshop on snow. This Workshop is designed for the career coach. The Comp Dev coach typically tends to work with athletes on a national development team or top performance Provincial team athletes.

The Workshops are discipline specific: 

  • Comp Dev Style: Half pipe, Slopestyle, Big Air
  • Comp Dev Speed: SBX, PGS, PSL

Course Cost: $675.00

Athlete level: Refining and varying basic skills, acquiring and consolidating advanced skills

Age of athlete: Train to Compete and Learn to Win LTAD stages

Training Volume: on snow 5 or more times a week, in a year round program

Context of competition: National to international: NOR-AM, Europa Cup, South America Cup, Canada Winter Games, World Cup, Pro and industry events

Workshop Content:
Advanced principles of:

  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Coaching & Leading Effectively
  • Leading Drug free Sport
  • Managing Conflict
  • Prevention & Recovery
  • Psychology of Performance


The Pathway:

In order to receive full "Comp Dev certification" as a CSCP Comp Dev Coach, an individual must fulfill the following accreditation.

  1. CSCP Comp Intro Advanced Certified OR meet the requirements to enter directly into this stream.
  2. Six (6) specific NCCP Comp Dev Modules (Find a workshop)
    1.  Developing Athletic Abilities
    2.  Coaching & Leading Effectively
    3. Leading Drug free Sport
    4. Managing Conflict
    5. Prevention & Recovery
    6. Psychology of Performance
  3. CSCP Comp Dev Workshop (Freestyle or Speed)
  4. CSF/CSCP License

= Trained

EVALUATION PROCESS: Comp Dev Evaluation Guidelines (.pdf)

  1. Complete a coaching Portfolio
  2. On snow evaluation during a training session with athletes (3 hours)
  3. On snow evaluation during a competition with athletes (6 hours)

= Certified