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Comp Development Advanced

The Competition Development Advanced coach typically works with athletes performing within a provincial program, a high performance club, or National Development Institute who are working towards National Development/High Performance Team levels.

Athlete level: consolidation and refinement of advanced skills.

Age of Athletes: Young adults, Learn to Win Stage 5-6 LTAD athletes.

Training Volume: on snow 5 or more times a week, in a year round program

Context of competition: National to international: NOR-AM, Europa Cup, South America Cup, Canada Winter Games, World Cup, Pro, and industry events

Workshop Content:
Continuation of advanced principles explored at the Comp-Dev level:

  • Biomechanics
  • Freestyle or speed
  • Coaching athletes in Training
  • Analyzing performance
  • Coaching athletes in competition
  • Designing a snowboard program
  • Managing a snowboard program
  • Long-Term Athlete Development


The Pathway:

In order to receive full "Comp Dev Advanced" certification, an individual must complete the following;

  1. Comp Dev Certification
  2. NCI Advanced Coaching Diploma (or old NCCP Level 4/5)
  3. Custom Snowboard Curriculum (based on an evaluation with the coach)
  4. Complete a coaching portfolio 5. Complete final evaluation

= Advanced Certification