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Canada Snowboard Announces Partnership with Protect Our Winters Canada and The Chill Foundation

November 19, 2018

Canada Snowboard is pleased to announce a partnership with Protect Our Winters Canada (POW Canada) and The Chill Foundation (Chill). In addition to logo inclusion on the national team uniform, a first in Canada, Canada Snowboard riders will also be given the opportunity to participate in Chill Foundation initiatives and to receive specialized climate change education through POW Canada. Both organizations will also be present at major Canada Snowboard events throughout the season to showcase their causes.  
"Promoting sustainable snowboarding is imperative to our vision to be recognized as a world leading snowboard nation", said Dustin Heise, Executive Director of Canada Snowboard. "Our riders grew up in our unique culture that is snowboarding, and spend much of their professional and personal lives outdoors. As such, they are perfectly positioned to deliver a positive message in regards to inclusion, diversity and the realities of climate change in relation to snowboarding. We are incredibly excited to collaborate with both these organizations this season and beyond."

"The partnership with Canada Snowboard is a great opportunity for POW Canada to expand our alliance of top tier athlete ambassadors and provide them with the tools and training needed to become effective climate advocates”, added David Erb, Director of Protect Our Winters Canada. “Having our logo on Canada Snowboard’s National Speed team’s uniforms is a fantastic way to bring awareness to our organization and the work of our ambassadors.” 
Promoting inclusion and diversity in the sport of snowboarding from the grassroots level, The Chill Foundation currently operates in two Canadian cities – Toronto, and Vancouver. Chill is breaking down participation barriers to snowboarding and boardsports for youth by providing equipment and access to lift tickets, helping to make snowboarding more accessible.
“We’re excited to work together with members of Canada Snowboard’s national team and alumni to help spread the message of diversity and inclusion in snowboarding”, said Mandi Parkes, Community & Inclusion Manager at Chill Vancouver. “Collaborating closely with athletes and sport administrators will help provide Canadian Chill participants with additional opportunities to grow both as a person and within snowboarding. We are looking forward to broadcasting our message on a national and international stage and to continue to make snowboarding more accessible to all. ”

About POW Canada
Protect Our Winters Canada (POW Canada) is a not-for-profit Canadian organization which seeks to turn passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. Founded in 2007 by legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones, Protect Our Winters is headquartered in Boulder Colorado and has chapters in France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada all sharing a common mission to advocate for policy level solutions to climate change. POW Canada leads a community of enthusiasts, professional athletes and progressive industry brands united by the desire to see positive climate action. We believe our love our adventure in nature mandates our participation in the fight to save and protect it. 
About The Chill Foundation
Chill's mission is to inspire youth to overcome challenges through board sports. The organization's programs focus on six core-values: Respect, Courage, Patience, Persistence, Responsibility, and Pride. Chill serves 1,400 kids between the ages of 10 and 18-years-old each year in North America and has impacted almost 24,000 kids since it was started in 1995 by Jake and Donna Carpenter, owners of Burton Snowboards. The Foundation serves youth facing a multitude of challenges such as poverty, addiction, and mental health issues and gives them the chance to break boundaries and find their opportunities to be successful in life. More than that, Chill helps them look forward – to see beyond the circumstances of today and encourages them to focus on positive alternatives for the future.
Uniform design: Samantha Scull
Artwork: Dylan Nowak

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