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September 25, 2019


Sam Weston is the newest coach to our team as the new Assistant NextGen Slopestyle Coach. He was previously working with a lot of our NextGen Team and Prospects who were part of the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club. He was a great fit for our team moving forward and were excited for the first season with him.
Tyler Ashbee - High Performance Freestyle Manager 

Sam gave us some insight on career highlights, memorable coaching moments and what he is looking forward to most this season, in his new position.

Name: Sam Weston
Position: Next Gen Assistant Slope Style Coach
Years Coaching with Canada Snowboard: Just started.
Career Highlights:
My first day coaching for Whistler Valley Snowboard Club. Over
the years this is were I learned the ways of snowboard coaching from some great mentors that
has lead me to where I am today. Rob Picard has really built a culture and community that the
riders, coaches and families can all share their passion for snowboarding.

Memorable Coaching Moment:
A really memorable moment was coaching at my first slopestyle contest, it was a local sprite
series event on Whistler Mountain for the groms. I could see how nervous, but at the same time
the excitement that the riders were going through. It was really rewarding to see how much work
the riders put in on training, that then translated into a contest. Just like learning a new trick,
seeing the riders excitement and stoke level after landing their run was something special. After
watching in person the passion all the groms had for snowboarding as much as I did, made me
want to pursue coaching snowboarding and trying to be a role model for the younger
generation in the sport.
What are you looking forward to most this season:
Looking forward to the Winter Youth Olympics in January of 2020. It is going to be great to see
our Canadian youth compete on the world stage. Snowboarding can be a very individualized
sport, but at a multisport event you get to cheer on all the other Canadian athletes on various
sports. It is going to be a great experience to all the athletes, families and staff involved.


Thanks Sam, from everyone here at Canada Snowboard, we are stoked to have you on our team helping to bring up Canada’s newest stock of talent! 

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