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April 1, 2019

Filmer: Mikey Tachuk

Location: Big White Ski Resort / Photo: Andrew Jay Photography 

Beautiful Big White Ski Resort was host to the 2019 Speed Nation Snowboardcross Nationals presented by Mazda Mar. 25th – 30th. The course was home to 8 critical corners demanding the most out of the riders skillset and edge control or your lead was lost.

P: Andrew Jay

The event kicked off with the North American (NorAm) Snowboardcross Championships. The Women’s Big Final had Livia Moldyh (USA), Josie Baff (AUS), Bridget Maclean (Glen Haven, NS) and National Team member and home-town-hero Tess Critchlow (Kelowna, BC) in the startgate. It was a fight for first and in the last corner (corner #8) Tess somehow finessed her way beyond what appeared to be the makings of  - speed boost arrow from Mario Kart - and surpassed Livia (USA), Josie (AUS),  Bridget (Glen Haven, NS) in the final stretch to capture the gold and was crowned the Canadian SBX NorAm Champion.

P: Andrew Jay

R: Tess Critchlow / P: Andrew Jay 

L>R (Livia Molodyh in 3rd / Tess Critchlow in 1st / Josie Baff in 3rd / Bridget Maclean in 4th) P: Andrew Jay

On the men’s side it was close battle between Kevin Hill (Vernon, BC), Danny Bourgeois (Rosemere, QC), Liam Moffatt (Wentworth, NS), Graham Colby (Prince George, BC). Danny Bourgeois led the charge grabbing the gold medal for his first win at a Canadian Nationals and was crowned the Canadian SBX NorAm Champion.

R: Danny Bourgeois (green bib) edging out Liam Moffatt (red bib) / P: Andrew Jay 

L>R (Liam Moffatt in 2nd / Danny Bourgoius in 1st / Colby Graham in 3rd / Kevin Hill in 4th) P: Andrew Jay 

Following the NorAm race was the Junior Snowboardcross Championships. The big finals had talent from the United States and Australia in the mix. The heats were competitively aligned and some tight battles ensued. On the men’s side we had Anthony Gervais-Marcoux (Saint-Apollinaire, QC), Bryn Nicholas (USA), Connor Schlegel (USA), and Juno Turenne (CDN). Canadian Anthony Gervais-Marcoux was able to edge out the other three in close finish taking the Junior SBX Championship title.

P: Andrew Jay 

P: Andrew Jay

L>R (Bryn Nicholas in 2nd / Anthony Gervais-Marcoux in 1st / Connor Shlegel in 3rd / Juno Turenne in 4th) P: Andrew Jay

On the women’s side the big final was comprised of Bridget Maclean (Glen Haven, NS), Anne Gagné (Lac-Etchemin, QC), Marnie Obrien (Halifax, NS) and Josie Baff (AUS). Josie Baff with the best time trial from qualifications in the day remained in the lead throughout the day and was crowned the Junior SBX Champion.

P: Andrew Jay

L>R (Marnie O'brien in 2nd / Josie Baff in 1st / Anne Gange in 3rd / Bridget Maclean in 4th) P: Andrew Jay

U15 was on the final day and marked the final event of the Speed Nation Tour. The sun was in full force creating slushy conditions in the sun baked corners creating an extra challenge for the riders as the heat took a toll on the course. In the U15 Ladies Big Final we had Hallie Rainbow (Ottawa, ON), Amelia Russell (North Vancouver, BC), Brenna O’brien (Hamilton, ON), and Lily Bellaar Spruyt (Wakefield, QC). It was Lily who managed a generous lead and was crowned the U15 Canadian SBX Champion and the battle for silver and bronze were left to competitors Brenna (who placed 2nd), Amelia ( who placed 3rd)  and Hallie (who placed 4th) in a close finish.

L>R (Brenna O'brien in  2nd / Lily Bellaar-Spruyt in 1st / Amelia Russell in 3rd /Hallie Rainbow in 4th) Photo: Jordan Von

The U15 Men’s Big Final had Xander Appels (Kelowna, BC), Mason Griffen (Wakefield, QC), and Marc-Antoine Poulin (St-Lambert de Lauzon, QC), and James Savard-Ferguson (Baie-st-Paul, QC) in the start gate. First to cross the finish line was Mason who was crowned the U15 Canadian SBX Champion and in equal-staggered pacing we saw Xander (place 2nd), James (place 3rd) and Marc-Antoine (place 4th).

L>R (Xander Appels in 2nd /Griffin Mason in 1st / James Savard-Ferguson in 3rd /Marc-Antoine Poulin in 4th) Photo: Jordan Von

FULL RESULTS: 2019 Speed Nation SBX Nationals presented by Mazda 

See you all next year! 

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