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Double podium for Canada at the Junior World Alpine Championships in Rogla, Slovenia

April 1, 2019

L>R: (Michael Nazwaski (CDN) with silver / Mykhailo Kharuk (UKR) with gold / Jamie Behan (CDN) with bronze) P: Miha Matavz / FIS

Canadian's crush it at the 2019 Junior World Alpine Championships in Rogla, Slovenia. In the parallel slalom event on day 2 it was Michael Nazwaski (Toronto, ON) who claimed silver and Jamie Behan (Toronto, ON) who captured bronze. 

R; Michael Nazwaski / P: Miha Matavz /FIS

L>R: Jamie Behan (CDN) / Mykhailo Kharuk (UKR) P: Miha Matavz /FIS

Adding to the Canadian mix we had Arnaud Gaudet (Montcalm, QC) with two top 5's placing 5th in the Parallel Giant Slalom (PGS) on first race day and in the Parallel Salom race to follow. Kaylie Buck (Oakville, ON) matched her best ever result at a Junior World Championships with an impressive 6th place finish in the PSL race. 

R: Arnaud Gaudet (CDN) / P: Miha Matavz / FIS

Full results here: 2019 Junior World Alpine Championships



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