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#ThanksCoach Court "Blackbird" Larabee - Inclusion & The First Nations Snowboard Association

September 29, 2017

Court "Blackbird" Larabee, Vice President of the First Nation Snowboard Association rounds out our #NationalCoachesWeek interviews.

Canada Snowboard: What’s the best way to get Indigenous youth into snowboarding? And to keep them involved in it? 

Court LarabeeProviding affordable access.  Snowboarding can be an expensive sport, programs like the FNST help subsidize program costs to get as many indigenous youth snowboarding as possible.   

CS: What are some of the things you’ve learned as Vice President of the First Nation’s Snowboard Team?   

CL: Working as a the VP has allowed me to learn about the complex diversities between our many nations across Canada.   Every Nation has their unique art, culture, lifestyles and obstacles to reconciliation.

CS:What are some solutions to some of the problems facing the FNSA today? 

CL: In the wake of our Olympic Legacy funding it is crucial to find more funding opportunities.  It takes dedicated full-time admin and support staff necessary to make such a large program successful. After the Vancouver Olympics, we were able to employ 4 full time staff in the winter season.  Now we are only able to employ 2 admin staff on a part time basis.  Which puts a strain on the entire program.

CS: How can other coaches get involved in the FNST? 

CL: We are always accepting new certified coaches into our programs.  We have REC programs for most and High Performance Coaching positions for those with the appropriate CS training.

CS:What does inclusion mean to you? 

CL2 conclusions: 1. No one is left behind   2. The promotion of  First Nations individuals to roles of leadership and/or mentorship.

You can learn more abou the FNSA under the programs tab of our website.