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Podcast:“Fear of a Flat Planet” w/ Jasmine Baird 

December 22, 2020

“It’s actually crazy because a couple of years ago I was looking up to everyone on the [Canadian National] team. Now I’m riding with them and travelling with them. It’s really sweet.” – Jasmine Baird   

Exclusive interview with Jasmine Baird, World Cup Bronze medalist and x12 Air Nation Tour medalist in this episode of "Fear of a Flat Planet" with Henry Jackson.

Your quick - topic - fix 

  1. “Practically born on a snowboard” at 15 MONTHS OLD (you read that right)
  2. Returning to snow after 13 months
  3. From idolizing the National Team to becoming a National Team rider 
  4. Overshooting the“sweet spot”in Saas Fee 
  5. Sights on the 2022 Winter Olympics in China
  6. Competition calendar and the qualification process for the Olympic Games
  7. Looking up to Jamie Anderson and her chill steeze
  8. Slope over Big Air 

Stay tuned for more interviews with our freestyle NextGen and National Team in the “Fear of a Flat Planet” podcast series hosted by Henry Jackson and Liam Brearley.  

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