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Name: Finn Finestone
Hometown: Whistler, BC
Residence: Whistler, BC
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Monster Energy, Burton, Oakley
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Rider Bio

Born in Whistler, BC, Finn Finestone started snowboarding with his dad at the age of 3. With supportive parents encouraging Finn to go all the way, snowboarding has become Finn’s passion. When Finn is not in school he enjoys spending his time riding Whistler Black Park with his friends. Finn is constantly encouraged by both his friends and the progression he sees in his riding, snowboarding has taught him that hard work does pay off. His inspirations are the pros who call BC and his backyard home. Being exposed and growing up on a world class resort definitely has its perks.

One of Finn’s memorable competitive moments so far in his career was when he attended the Canadian Winter Games, it was a great experience, where he met new riders from across the country and was proud to represent his family on the National stage. When Finn is preparing for a contest he normally works at memorizing certain runs and tricks, and visualizes going through his different runs. He likes the pressure and the excitement of competition, preparing for a contest and being as dialed as he can. Mixed with the excitement of not knowing the outcome, it keeps Finn hungry to compete. Finn is hoping for eventual home field advantage when a competition comes to his hometown of Whistler, BC!

Finn has seen some kilometers so far in his career and grateful that snowboarding has allowed him to travel and see new snowy destinations. Finn’s favourite trip so far has been to Sweden for the World JR’s. He was able to travel with new friends to somewhere he had never been before, and it allowed him to compete on the world stage. Sweden was truly a full on life experience including the food, like his new favourite Swedish cheese milk, yum! On Finn’s travel bucket list are Switzerland (most importantly his dream destination of Saas Fee and the Stomping Grounds Snow Park), Japan, Australia and California.

Finn’s fair warning for anyone travelling BC with him for pow and competition is that he always pukes on the Duffy (you’ve been warned!) He always brings a boot dryer where ever he goes, is working on dialing in his nutrition plan for long trips and athletic advantage, and is travel ready as long as he has his headphones.

Finn’s music choice is constantly changing he has a large library designed to suit his current mood. With soul beyond his years, Finn’s theme song is Charles Bradley’s “You think I Don’t Know.” In five years Finn sees himself dedicated to snowboarding and taking on the world’s best as he climbs the ranks as a professional snowboarder. Finn’s mantra is to take the high road and to never give up. When Finn is not snowboarding you can find him tearing up the Whistler Bike Park and skating the sea to sky. Finn knows there’s no better place to be than Canada because of everything it has to offer up, and the opportunities it has allowed him, “Whenever I go on a trip, I always come home and see the mountains, trees lakes and more. It’s where I live and it’s my favourite.” We’d say Canada is pretty stoked to have you as well.