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Podcast – “Fear of a Flat Planet” W/ Nadine Richards and Lisa Dejong presented by Toyota

June 5, 2021

“My brother decided saying ‘you need to get into this, we will be watching the Paralympics and will watch you [compete], this will be so cool!. I just know this is going to work for you’, We got this tiny kids snowboard, tiny tiny a 120 cms kid snowboard, I took off” – Nadine Richards
“Like Nadine I started skiing at first, skied at 3 years old and at around 10 or 11 years old had to switch over to snowboarding because skiing wasn’t cool anymore” – Lisa Dejong

Interview with para teammates Nadine Richards (Gold – Bigwhite Para SBX NorAm 2019) & Lisa Dejong (x2 2nd Big White Noram SBX 2020) in this episode of “Fear of a Flat Planet” with John Leslie presented by Toyota.

Your quick – topic – fix

  1. Alberta gals adapting to a non-competition year with the likes of Sunshine Resort
  2. Post op surgery to recovery plans with Nadine
  3. Why these wise women choose hot tubs over cold tubs
  4. Balancing raising a family and snowboarding pursuits with Lisa
  5. Making naps a critical part of your training recovery while on the road, with the freedom of parent duty for Lisa
  6. Discussing their unique disabilities
  7. Nadine and Lisa share how welcoming and accepting snowboarding culture is
  8. Getting into the nitty gritty details on defining competition categories in Para Snowboarding
  9. Learn where these two are headed!...

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