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Burton Pathways Part 3 –State of the Art Tech for NextGen and National Teams

January 5, 2020

What’s more to like than having state of the art snowboard equipment available for you when you need it? Burton is there for our riders to support them with the latest gear and provide replacement parts, keeping them focused on the most important part – their riding. 

One would think riders of the NextGen and National Team would be fully decked out with sponsors covering their equipment needs head to toe. Especially so when the level of riding nowadays is constantly progressing at warp speeds where people are spinning and flipping out of rails with more rotations than one would need to land on the podium in a big air contest in the 90’s. It is no question these riders require top of the line equipment and demand the reliability from their equipment to perform 100+ days a year. You can bet that any gear won’t be used lightly and subsequently will need replacing much more regularly than gear worn by your average joe. And yet some of the riders on the NextGen and National Team are still faced with the financial burden of supplying their own. This is where Burton steps in, supporting equipment needs for riders who aren’t already being supported in the hardgoods space providing access to wide array of industry leading boards, boots and bindings. 

Going a step further… Burton has outfitted the entire Canadian Para Team with state-of-the-art ‘Step-On’ bindings and boots system. A binding and boot system equipped with the functionality to lock and release your boot onto your board instantly. This new wave of technology exclusive to Burton’s line of products removes the need to strap into your snowboard and speeds up the setup time significantly. As the adaptation unique to each para athlete can have their own limitations the Step-On binding and boot system simplifies the setup process so that the rider can give more when it matters – with more valuable prep time in the start gate. We want our riders main focus to be their riding and with the efforts of a rider inspired brand – Burton - does exactly that. 

A nod in short through a 3-part ‘Burton Pathways’ series to Burton Canada for their continued support over the years as we build this partnership for new ways to collectively grow and support snowboarding in Canada. 

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