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Podcast:“Fear of a Flat Planet” w/ Sommer Gendron 

January 20, 2021

“I was at Beaver Valley Ski Club and I was watching the Olympics and I saw Jamie [Anderson] winning the Olympics and I was like okay I want to snowboard full-time, I want to go there”  – Sommer Gendron

Interview with Sommer Gendron -  Gold in SS & BA at Junior World Championships 2019, and x8 podiums on the Air Nation Tour in this episode of "Fear of a Flat Planet" with Liam Brearley.

Your quick - topic - fix 

  1. Quarantine creativity with skateboarding and fashion
  2. Riding for Burton – A Dream Come True 
  3. Wireless earbuds are a must 
  4. Superstition: keeping to the same track
  5. The rapid progression in women’s snowboarding 
  6. Discussing an outsider’s misconceptions on snowboarders… “but do you backflip?” 
  7. Deriving inspiration from Jamie Anderson winning Olympics and watching it all at Beaver Valley Snowboard Club 
  8. Sights on 2022 Winter Olympics Games

Stay tuned for more interviews with our freestyle NextGen and National Team in the “Fear of a Flat Planet” podcast series hosted by Henry Jackson and Liam Brearley.  

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