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Podcast: Fear of a Flat Planet W/ Mark McMorris

January 10, 2021

“It’s really important for me to have diversity in my season, try and ride all different aspects of snowboarding whether its street, backcountry, contest or park” – Mark McMorris

Interview with Mark McMorris- x2 Olympic Slopestyle Bronze Medalist & record holder of 19 Winter X Games medals -  in this episode of "Fear of a Flat Planet" with Henry Jackson.

Your quick - topic - fix 

  1. Finding balance at home in California 
  2. Product development with Burton
  3. Gear leak! What mark is riding in and outside the park 
  4. Why too much of anything is not a good thing 
  5. Being a snowboarder and what it means for Mark
  6. Mark finds Shaun [White's] comment to “stay in the park” after his injury in the backcountry laughable
  7. Sights on Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics 
  8. Saskatchewan roots

Stay tuned for more interviews with our freestyle NextGen and National Team in the “Fear of a Flat Planet” podcast series hosted by Henry Jackson and Liam Brearley.  

Big thanks to our sponsor Skullcandy for bringing the rider driven conversation to our viewers by supporting these episodes. 

Mark recently dropped his latest BTS - Raw edit from the Calgary Training session which can be found on his YouTube Page <<


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