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Burton Pathways Part 1 – Little RIDERS Program

December 21, 2019


Do you know the pure joy that snowboarding can bring? 

Snowboarding has an electric energy to it, it’s a culture built on friendships, and sharing those exciting moments – landing your first trick – the rush of riding down a mountain - feeling the magnitude of momentum – achieving your first carve –the weightlessness of catching air. It brings out the high fives, stomach butterfly’s, and smiles, in people. It demands creativity from the endless line options down the mountain in a choose your own path fashion. Every rider has a style different from one another embracing one’s individuality and self-expression. It’s an all-encompassing sport demanding you to be present – in the now. This feeling is very hard to put into words yet it’s incredible, achievable and accessible. 

The Little RIDERS program supported by Burton is introducing this feeling to thousands of Canadians across the country and here’s how...

Boards and hovers designed to model that of a snowboard are being supplied to designated schools across the country. Kids are then given the opportunity to play around, learn different grabs and be pulled across the gymnasium floor while testing their balance on the boards in a facilitated session. 

The Little RIDERS Program works with schools to meet the education requirements of the school’s curriculum and is targeted to kids aged 12 and under. These sessions provide a playful challenge to resemble the movements and muscle groups used in snowboarding and do so in a fun and safe environment. Its advantageous for kids looking to learn as these program sessions can be conducted regardless of weather conditions or financial barriers. The Little RIDERS program is destined to reach 10,000 kids across Canada. That’s the potential of 10,000 more smiles, high fives and feel good – stomach butterflies. 

Thank you Burton for your continued support in the Little RIDERS program. To find out more on the Little RIDERS Program please click here.


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