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Freestyle Athletes Invited To Participate in the Cardrona, NZL World Cup

July 13, 2015

In accordance with the 2015-2016 Selection Protocol for Freestyle events, the athletes listed below have been invited to represent Canada at the Cardrona, NZL World Cups.

Slopestyle Men
Tyler Nicholson (North Bay, ON)
Darcy Sharpe (Comox, BC)
Michael Ciccarelli (Ancaster, ON)
Charles Reid (Mont Tremblant, QC)

Max Eberhart (North Bay, ON)

Matts Kulisek (Mont-Royal, QC)

Jordan Phillips (Calgary, AB)

Timothy Crighton (Toronto, ON)
Craig Gouweloos (Barrie, ON)

Halfpipe Men 
Derek Livingston (Aurora, ON)
Trevor Niblett (Toronto, ON)

Deion Adams

Slopestyle Women
Jenna Blasman (Kitchener, ON)

Breanna Stangland (Calgary, AB)
Brooke Voigt (Fort McMurray, AB)

Laurie Blouin (Stoneham, QC)

Samm Denena (Orillia, ON)

Audrey McManiman (St-Ambroise de Kildare, QC)
Gillian Andrewshenko (Whistler, BC)

Halfpipe Women
Mercedes Nicoll (Whistler, BC)
Calynn Irwin (Toronto, ON)
Katie Tsuyuki (Toronto, ON)

Any person wishing to appeal a selection decision must do so in accordance with the Canada~Snowboard Appeals Policy, which is available on the Canada~Snowboard website (www.canadasnowboard.ca). The deadline for appeals of the selections listed in this announcement is July 27, 5:00 pm PST.

A notice of appeal, as described in the Appeals Policy, must be sent directly to:
Patrick Jarvis
Executive Director

For further information, contact:
Tyler Ashbee
High Performance Program Interim Manager