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The 2015 Auclair Team Spirit Award

July 9, 2015

We would like to congratulate these two athletes for being outstanding team players: Jenna Blasman and Marianne Leeson

The team spirit award is given to an athlete that:

  • Has an exceptional season
  • Exemplifies leadership skills
  • Makes a positive impact on their teammates
  • Is dedicated to the community and sport of snowboarding
  • Is an excellent representative for Canada Snowboard at home and abroad


Jenna Blasman (Slopestyle)
With a smile and positive attitude as contagious as hers its hard not to boost the team spirit in any situation. Jenna has jumped her career pretty quickly from her first World Cup start in March 2013 to an Olympic start at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Jenna is the one at the top of the hill making everyone laugh and smile while pushing herself and encouraging the other riders.

Qualified 6th into the finals at the Sochi Olympics and placed 16th overall.
5th at the 2015 FIS World Championships in Austria

Marianne Leeson (Alpine)
Marianne is part of a tight knit group of ladies on the Alpine Snowboard National Team. They all help push each other to do the best they can, while training or competing. Marianne’s attitude and strong determination to succeed has a positive impact, keeping the spirits high while being supportive of her teammates.

5th at the 2014 Sochi Olympics
8th place finish at the 2015 FIS World Championships in Austria