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Name: Megan Farrell
Age: 30
Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Residence: Richmond Hill, ON
Snowboard Club: Holimont
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Bothwell-Accurate
Year on the team: 9

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Rider Bio

Who introduced you to snowboarding?

My family!

What does snowboarding mean to you?

Snowboarding is about the connection between you and the snow. There is no better feeling of a clean carve and using your momentum to propel yourself down the hill.

Where is your favourite place to snowboard?

My home club, Holimont. 

If you could go snowboarding with anyone who would it be? Why?

My family because that’s where it all started!

2 things you want to accomplish next season

1. Focus on staying in the present
2. Finding joy in the process

What are 3 things we probably didn’t know about you?

1. I love to run, bike, hike, waterski
2. I have a BScH in Environmental Science from Queen’s University
3. I can’t travel without my Kindle 

Top 3 results :

1. 2nd Berchtesgaden World Cup Finals
2. 4th Rogla World Championships
3. 5th Piancavallo World Cup

Top 3 career highlights :

1. 12th Beijing Olympics
2. 2nd Berchtesgaden World Cup Finals
3. 4th World Championships



2022 Olympian to date (Feb 2022)
- 12th Olympic Winter Games - PGS - Beijing 2022
- 4th PSL World Championships Rogla, SLO 2021
- 8th PGS World Championships Rogla, SLO 2021
- 1st PSL Austrian Nationals Gerlitzen, AUT 2021 
- 2nd PGS Austrian Nationals Gerlitzen, AUT 2021
- 2nd PGS European Cup Funes/Villnoesses, ITA 2021
-2nd PGS European Cup Simonhoehe, AUT 2021