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Elizabeth Hosking Wins Silver at FIS World Champs

March 3, 2023

Oh Canada! Elizabeth Hosking Win's Silver at World Champs!

The silver medal at the FIS World Championships belongs to Elizabeth Hosking (CAN), as the 21-year-old became the first Canadian woman ever to hit the halfpipe World Championships podium with her 85.50-scoring first run.

With the biggest top-to-bottom amplitude of any in the women’s finals, Hosking’s run began with a backside 540 Weddle grab, into a massive frontside 720 where she just tickled the melon grab, into a switch crippler with a frontside grab, then a corked frontside 540 frontside grab, before finish it all off with an alley-oop frontside 540 frontside grab.

Hosking has been on a tear this season, progressing to be a podium threat at every event she's entered. 



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