Safe Sport

We are bound together by a love of snowboarding

March 24, 2020

Here at Canada Snowboard we work to win. But winning isn’t why we love to do what we do. We love doing what we do as it brings us all together, we smile, we laugh, we cry, we work together as a community of snowboarders. We try to bring out the best in ourselves and in each other.

We are bound together by a love of snowboarding


This winter Canada Snowboard had countless epic moments!

Together, with our extended Provincial and Territorial Snowboard Association family, we built a bunch of new World Cup events and saw them explode onto the world stage with priceless experiences and life changing moments for both riders and officials. We witnessed young up-and-coming developing riders tear their way up the ranks, beating many of their heroes in the process.  We saw Olympic Gold medalist Alumni evolve into coaches, we helped officials grow through the experience of running World Leading events, we had Sports Governance staff kick major goals towards unifying Park & Pipe Competition snowboarding globally. Our High Performance staff pushed the limits of our teams and watched their riders grow with both strength and confidence. We saw our Canadian superstars standing atop many a podium, peaking with a Canadian clean sweep of the X Games Big Air Norway. Every snowboard discipline saw Canadians on elite podiums.  Slopestyle, Big Air, SBX, Halfpipe, Alpine, Para all were represented by both our men and our women.

With all of this said and done, with all of the podiums and high points celebrated, the one thing that really stands out and bonds us all together are the good times and great relationships we share through our common love of snowboarding. We may have had to shut up shop a little early this winter, but you can rest assured, We, at Canada Snowboard with our extended Canadian Snowboard Association family are all looking forward to seeing ALL of your smiling faces next year to do it all again.  

Stay safe everyone