Safe Sport


Name: Aurelie Moisan
Age: 17
Hometown: Baie D'Urfé
Snowboard club: Excellence Snowboard
Year on the team: 2


Rider Bio

Who introduced you to snowboarding?

My dad

What does snowboarding mean to you?

Snowboarding is everything to me. I love all aspects of the sport.

Where is your favourite place to snowboard?


If you could go snowboarding with anyone who would it be? Why?

My family because we all share the same love for the sport 

2 things you want to accomplish next season

1. Top three NORAM Overall 
2. Top three at Junior Worlds

3 things we probably didn’t know about you?

1. I also like to play tennis 
2. I like to read
3. My dad also competed in alpine snowboarding when he was younger

Top 3 results :

1. 19th place at the PGS World Cup in Blue Mountain in 2023 
2. 6th place in PSL at the 2023 Junior Worlds in Bulgaria 
3. 1st place 2023 NORAM Overall

Top 3 career highlights :

1. My first PGS World Cup starts in 2023 at Blue Mountain 
2. My first Europa Cup in Zakopane, Poland in 2023 
3. The training Camp at Mount Sima in Yukon