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Name: Aurelie Moisan
Age: 17
Hometown: Baie D'Urfé
Snowboard club: Excellence Snowboard
Year on the team: 1st


Rider Bio

Who introduced you to snowboarding?

My dad

What does snowboarding mean to you?

Snowboarding is everything to me. I love all aspects of the sport.

Where is your favourite place to snowboard?

I really liked the alps but my favorite mountain is Mont Tremblant

If you could go snowboarding with anyone who would it be? Why?

I would snowboard with my family and friends because we always have a lot of fun.

2 things you want to accomplish next season

1. Get 3 Noram podiums
2. 2 Top 10 at the next Junior World Championships

Name 1 thing we probably didn’t know about you?

I also like to play tennis

Top 3 results :

1. 7th PSL FIS Junior World Championships 2022
2. 4th PGS Mont Tremblant Noram Cup 2022
3. 4th PGS Holiday Valley Noram 2022

Top 3 career highlights :

1. The 2022 FIS Junior World Championships in Italy
2. My first Noram at Mont Tremblant
3. Training in Yukon