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Reporting and Resolution

Safe Sport Flag Tool

If you are unsure of where to submit your complaint, or don't know whether it is a viable complaint to submit, here is an interactive tool to help you work your next steps: 

Find out if a behaviour crossed the line and get guidance on how to respond.


Canada Snowboard Helpline Process


The below Canada Snowboard Safe Sport Process below should help guide you where to submit your complaint or who to contact for further information.

Click here for downloadable version of the Helpline with clickable links

How to File a Complaint


At Canada Snowboard we take all incidents seriously. This is why we have reporting and resolution processes in place to address concerns within our community with respect and dignity. Our dedication to a safe environment is our top priority, and we will always act in a prompt, timely manner. Please use the below resources to help you navigate this process.

If you require further assistance or guidance navigating this process, please email: fnsrfcbeg@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn


Abuse Free Sport 


Canada Snowboard is proud to be an Abuse Free Sport signatory, meaning all complaints / reports about alleged violations of the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS), by UCCMS participants (National Team Athletes, Coaches, IST Staff, Canada Snowboard Staff, Contractors and Board of Directors) must be submitted to The Office of Sport Integrity (OSIC). 

You can file a Complaint or Report to the OSIC by submitting a secure, interactive online intake form available at this link.


Canada Snowboard Independent Third Party


Canada Snowboard has engaged the services of an Independent Third Party, Brian Ward, available to receive any complaints which fall outside of the realm of Abuse Free Sport. Brian's role is to remain at arm's length from Canada Snowboard to provide our Snowboard community with an expert and objective facilitation for the reporting of all Safe Sport related complaints of misconduct.

If you have a complaint / reported allegation of misconduct, or you need independent advice on next steps for filing a complaint, please email Brian at fnsrfcbeg_jjqef@cevzhf.pn. He will ensure that your identity is kept confidential.




If you are still unsure whether your complaint should go to the Canada Snowboard Independent Third Party, or the Office of Sport Integrity (OSIC), the below flow chart may help you in identifying where to submit your complaint.