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A list of local events held by our Provincial and Territorial Associations (PTSA)

winter 2019-2020

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Provincial/ Territorial Alpine Series

The Alpine Provincial/ Territorial Series are a combination of Parallel Giant Slalom "PGS" and Parallel Slalom "PSL" Events across each Province or Territory.

During the winter season, athletes will get the chance to compete at multiple Alpine events across their Province, earning points towards winning the overall provincial title. 

Parallel Giant Slalom "PGS"

The parallel giant slalom event includes two evenly spaced courses (10–15 meters apart) with vertical distances of 20–27 meters between turning gates. Once qualifications are complete, racers are placed in a head to head knockout format, starting with 16 athletes and moving to a final race for 1st and 2nd. PGS uses a much longer course with gates set further apart, resulting in even higher speeds, while racing against an opponent on a similar course place parallel to the other course. Parallel giant slalom is an Olympic event since Salt Lake City 2002.

Note: Snowboard Giant Slalom was an Olympic discipline in Nagano 1998, and it became Parallel Giant Slalom (2 racers on course) in Salt Lake City  2002.

Parallel Slalom "PSL"

The Parallel slalom debuted at the Olympics in Sochi 2014, Russia. Snowboarders race downhill through sets of gates that force extremely tight and quick turns (spaced 8–15 meters apart), requiring plenty of technical skill while racing against an opponent in the other course.

All the Alpine events under the Alpine Provincial Series will be sanctioned by the respective Provincial or Territorial Snowboard Association and Canada Snowboard. Some of these Provincial Series Alpine Events will be also sanctioned by the International Ski Federation.