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Provincial Series

A list of local events held by our Provincial and Territorial Associations (PTSA)

Winter 2022-2023

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Provincial/ Territorial Freestyle Series

The Freestyle Provincial/ Territorial Series are a combination of Slopestyle and Halfpipe Events across each Province or Territory.

During the winter season, athletes will get the chance to compete at multiple Slopestyle and/or Halfpipe events across their Province/ Territory, earning points towards winning the different events. 

SlopeStyle "SBS"

​Slopestyle is a snowboard freestyle discipline in which athletes starts individually from the top of a Slopestyle course. The Slopestyle is a course with a variety of obstacles including rails, jumps and other terrain park features. Riders are scored for amplitude, originality and quality of tricks. The Slopestyle became an Olympic discipline in Sochi 2014.

Halfpipe "HP"

Halfpipe is a snowboard freestyle discipline in which the competitors starts individually from the top of a halfpipe. The halfpipe is a semi-circular ditch or purpose built ramp (that is usually on a downward slope), between 8 and 22 feet (6.7 m) deep. Competitors perform tricks while going from one side to the other and while in the air above the sides of the pipe. The halfpipe discipline is scored by judges with one overall impression score based on the following criteria: execution of tricks, variety of tricks, difficulty, pipe use, and amplitude. The Halfpipe is an Olympic discipline since Nagano 1998.

All the freestyle events under the Provincial Series will be sanctioned by the respective Provincial or Territorial Snowboard Association and Canada Snowboard. Some of these Provincial/ Territorial Series Freestyle Events will be also sanctioned by the Canadian Ranking List and/or the International Ski Federation.