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Name: Tess Critchlow
Hometown: Big White, BC
Residence: Kelowna, BC
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Big White Ski Resort, Trev Deeley Motorcycle Co, Sledrent.ca, Alchemy studio

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Rider Bio

If you didn’t do the discipline you do, which would you choose next and why?
I would pick pipe, I loved it when I was younger and got to train in the old super pipe up at Big White. It’s a unique feeling going through the pipe and always puts a smile on my face.


Place where you were born: Prince George

Place where you live now:  Kelowna/ Vancouver/ nomad 

Favourite places to ride:  Big White ski Resort, Revy back country & Austria 

Favourite Food:  Sushi and cereal 

Future job - Top 3 choices:  Backcountry Pro, Snowbike Pro, Wood Artisan/Craftsman 

Life Goals - Top 3 goals:  Own a hairless dog and cat, be bilingual, be happy  

Why do you snowboard?  Snowboarding = happiness! Out in the mountains with your fav people slashing pow, or training on course with the team; there is just nothing that is more freeing and challenging at the same time. 

Favourite event and why? World Champs, it’s an important/high stress/high fun event and usually is the biggest and best course of the season.

Favourite item to travel with?  Headphones, wouldn’t be able to get through all the travel and long days without my music.

Best friend to ride with? My Brother Jaden, he’s such a talented rider and always pushes me. 

Favourite trick? Straight airs for the speed...

Favourite resort? Big White Ski Resort / home :)

Best resort no one knows about? BC Backcountry! (No it’s not a resort but there are so many amazing places to ride in this beautiful province)

Thing you like that everyone else thinks is shit: Brussels sprouts 

Thing that everyone else loves and you hate: Steak/lamb/meat in general hah

If you were not a snowboarder what would you be? Sad

Coolest thing you have done that not many people have? Other than the Olympics and other cheesy things probably getting to snowboard to school, perks of living on a ski hill. 



3x World Cup SBX Team Medallist, 2x Olympian to date (Feb 2022)
- 6th Olympic Winter Games - Snowboard Cross - Beijing 2022
- 9th Olympic Winter Games - Snowboard Cross Team - Beijing 2022
- 7th Snowboardcross World Cup, Krasnoyarsk, RUS 2022
- 7th Snowboardcross World Cup, Cervinia, ITA 2021
- 7th Snowboardcross World Cup, Secret Garden, CHN 2021 
- 1st Snowboardcross Nor-Am Cup Big White, BC 2019
- 1st Snowboardcross Nor-Am Cup Panorama, BC 2019
- 9th Snowboardcross 2018 Winter Olympics Pyeongchang 
- 1st Snowboardcross Nor-Am Cup BigWhite, BC 2018
- 3rd Snowoardcross Team event World Cup Veysonnaz, SUI 2018
- 2nd Snowboardcross Team event World Cup Moscow, RUS 2018
- 3rd Snowboardcross Team event World Cup Veysonnaz, SUI 2017